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Lysolx / 16 Sep 3303
16 Sept. 3303

I hear rumors there is an Engineer that can help me with some upgrades in the Sirius system, the problem is I lack the permit to jump there. So I take the long journey to HIP 8396 in my Diamondback Explorer. Even with it's 40 Lyr jump range it is quite a trip out there. But Sirius Corporation has an outpost there and I hope to improve my relations with them by doing some Bounty Hunting for them.

When I arrive I send for my FDL and wait almost an hour for it to arrive. A few million credits worth of Bounties and I am nearly there, but I encounter a problem. I turn in more bounties a third time and nothing. No permit for me. I ask on the Net and I am told to try Procyon. A system also under control by Sirius Corp.

I hop back in my DBE and head out to Procyon. A few data missions and surface scans later and I get the Sirius Permit I worked so hard to obtain. Tired from a long days work I turn in at O'Brien Vision for the night. Marco Qwent is on the menu to talk to first thing in the morning, he has an FDL to upgrade for me.
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Squadron info

Name: Screaming Eagles
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: MesaFalcon
    Members: 17
    Ships: 352
    Supporters: 6
    Squadron age: 1053 days
    Headquarters: Kurughnaye
    Minor faction: Screaming Eagles

    In coalition with: