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Lysolx / 19 Sep 3303
19 Sept. 3303

The last couple days have been eventful to say the least. Marco Qwent really hooked me up on some much needed upgrades. I headed over to Wu Guinagi where an Empire contact there had me knee deep in Data Courier Missions and Planetary Outpost scans. With the war going on around there they need all the help they can get it seems. They payed me well enough for my time. I always like a good Milk Run.

Yesterday I finally made it back out to the front-lines in Tujil where A. Lavigny-Duval is trying to expand her influence into and force out those troublesome Feds. I spaced so many Feds I lost count. All in a days work. They will never learn.
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Squadron info

Name: Screaming Eagles
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: MesaFalcon
    Members: 17
    Ships: 357
    Supporters: 7
    Squadron age: 1083 days
    Headquarters: Kurughnaye
    Minor faction: Screaming Eagles

    In coalition with: