Inso33 / 04 Dec 3304
Première entrée (French)

Je me suis réveillé, ce matin, sur le hub Al-Khalili dans le système Hun Chonses. Cet endroit grouille d'activité. Pour vous faire une image, il s'agit d'une énorme station industrielle où se côtoient des mineurs venus vendre leur denrée, les touristes arrêtés dans le coin en escale et les freelancers,...

TiefightersRock / 23 Mar 3304
A Deadly Surprise

Flight Log #01 I was flying around Fionn looking for materials to engineer my new corvette. I came across a distress call, thought I better go help out even though I was in a AspX. As a closed in I noticed something peculiar, 4 Federal Security Anacondas were closing in on the distress call I had targeted....

Squadron info

We are revamping to be a mix capability squadron on multiple platforms. We perform all wing missions, help our CMDR's grind for materials or credits or complete Guardian Technology unlocking. We also try do Thargoid hunts and working on becoming a squadron able to take on any threat, whether its Player, NPC or Alien. We are looking for active players or mostly active players. We do ask for CMDRs on PC to participate on Discord whenever possible but we understand when there is time to solo grind.

Name: Federal Democratic Command
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Roguecmdr
    Members: 50
    Ships: 272
    Supporters: 26
    Squadron age: 612 days
    Headquarters: Selkana [Pythagoras Port]
    Minor faction: Federal Democrats

    In coalition with: