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Squadron info

Sirius Special Forces was founded in late 3303 by members of SiriusGov looking to pursue a more active role in safeguarding Li Yong-Rui space. SSF' doctrine is aligned closely with the interests of the parent subsidiary, primarily concerned with upholding corporate control in systems beneficial to the mega-corporation’s governmental services. The SSF represents a paramilitary branch, willing to explore all available options when the paths of diplomacy and fair trade prove less than sufficient.

Name: Sirius Special Forces
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Li Yong-Rui
Language: English


In-game squadron name:
  • PCSirius Special Forces [SSF2]
  • PS4Sirius Special Forces [SSF1]

Squadron commander: Auronio
Members: 25
Ships: 287
Supporters: 4
Squadron age: 829 days
Headquarters: Apadecavi [Fontenay City]
Minor faction: Sirius Special Forces
Supporting: Silver Thrusters Inc
Supporting: The Fatherhood

In coalition with: