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Malachi V / 11 Oct 3304
First Blood

God DAMN! That felt good. That felt real good.

So I just came back in from my first excursion taking on the Thargoids. I took the advice from some experienced hunters and stuck to engaging the small Scouts for now. I immediately discovered two things: these aliens aren’t all that invincible to begin with, and my Chieftan, a pure pleasure to fly, can sure take a pounding.

There’s  actually a third thing that I discovered, and it’s that I need a serious weapons upgrade. Sure, with the heavy engineering and numerous reinforcements to my ship, I could easily withstand the assaults from the scouts. Downing them, though, proved problematic, and the veteran pilots tell me it only gets worse when I start to tangle with Interceptors.

There is a solution: Guardian weaponry.

I’m no stranger to the Guardians; before the whole Gnosis fiasco I had gone to a Guardian site and successfully gathered what I needed to unlock the FSD Booster from my local tech broker. This time around the task is a bit more daunting: I have several weapons and modules to unlock if I want to level the playing field against these Thargoid bastards. At least the grizzled vets have outlined the process for me to take the guesswork out of it, but it will mean some time away from my wife.

Speaking of which: for once, she’s one hundred percent supportive of my endeavors. As a nurse in the field unit, she’s been seeing first hand what the Thargoids are capable of. If half the things she described are true... Christ, we really need to win this war. Not erase them completely like the INRA originally planned, but cow them into realizing that we as a race are not to be trifled with. They can stay in their corner of space and leave us well enough alone.

Until then, the Thargoids can expect a fierce response from us “lowly” humans. And I’ll be right in the thick of things doing my part... just as soon as I get those bigger guns, that is.
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