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Malachi V / 05 Nov 3304
A Singular Focus

Wow. It hasn’t been too long since I last recorded an entry into my logbook. A lot has happened... and is about to happen.

Let me start by the most recent news that has the pilot community buzzing with excitement. The Pilot's Federation, in conjunction with a number of ship manufacturers, are releasing a new development in the coming weeks: full spectrum scanning and analysis. This will prove to be a boon for celestial exploration, and it should surely lead to more exciting discoveries.

As if that’s not enough, a conglomerate of mining corporations have refined and plan to roll out a series of advanced mining techniques, along with the necessary technology to carry them out. This will certainly be lucrative for the dedicated miners.

Add to that the rumors of new ships to be introduced to the public, and it certainly is an exciting time to be a pilot.

It all hardly moves me.

I remain focused on my mission to take the fight to the Thargoids. And I’m happy to say that most of the planned modifications to my ships have been completed, especially for my anti-xeno crafts. Their defensive capabilities should allow them to survive any serious encounters with the aliens. What’s needed now are guns. Exotic guns, the kind that will bring hurt to the Thargoids.

In other words: Guardian tech.

I’ve already done my research, and I’m confident I can puzzle out the various Guardian sites so I can gather what I need to unlock their technology. It will take me out to far-flung destinations and away from my family... but for once, I have the full support of my wife in this.

Surprisingly, she feels as strongly as I do in doing our part against the aliens. And she knows full well that the better I’m equipped, the better my chances on coming out alive from an encounter with those Thargoid bastards. She has opted to stay behind in the safety of the rescue ships, where she can lend her much needed medical skills.

She only asked two things of me in my journeys: stay alive, and bring her back a Guardian souvenir. I certainly plan on coming through in the former... and I’ll see what I can do about the latter.
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