Palps / 17 Sep 3305
Stressfull couple of weeks

Date is September 17th 3305. The Past few weeks has been a whole bunch of nonsense. A Faction known as Royal Phoenix Squadron had been terrorizing Errantry Alliance of Narvert Space after things went sour in a private Holo Communication. Now we're at war with them in a number of systems. We won the war...

ArgusWolfe / 10 Aug 3305
It's Getting Dark Out here

I've been at on my little exploration jaunt for a few weeks now, and it's been quite the trip so far. I've seen a lot of the usual stuff, of course. A lot of stars, and rock or ice balls, sprinkled with the occasional water world or earthlike. I've also seen some really cool, first time things for me,...

ArgusWolfe / 04 Aug 3305
A New Adventure

As of a few weeks ago, I decided to do something that may be seen as a bit nuts to some. I'm going to circumnavigate the galaxy. I'm sure I'm not the first one to do it by a long shot, but that's okay. I'm not really doing it to be the first. I'm not doing it to make money either, though I imagine the...

ArgusWolfe / 19 Jan 3305
Frustrations Galore

Looks like it's been a bit since my last entry. Guess that's what happens when mundane life takes you away from the cockpit. I really should remedy that though. With such a large part of the Errantry out with Distant Worlds, I feel I should step up a bit more and help keep things from falling apart here...

ArgusWolfe / 05 Jan 3305
Meet the Guardians

Made a run out to one of those Guardian sites you hear so much about the other day. Thankfully I had some friends along to show me the ropes, or I would have been in way over my head. First, those ruins are just incredible. To think that some highly advanced alien race built this stuff long before we...

Code Ricktar / 04 Jan 3305
A Trip On Top of The Galaxy - Entry 9

Stardate 01.03.3305 It's been a far bit of time since my last entry, and actually quite a bit has happened. I journeyed back from the Scorpius Dark region and jumped all the way back to my home station of Collins in Huichi. There after much deliberation and selling of interstellar data, I went out...

ArgusWolfe / 03 Jan 3305
Shooting things isn't as easy as it looks.

The last few days have been spent trying out a new combat ship concept. Well... new to me. I imagine I'm not the first to strap a rails and shock cannons to a Krait Mk II. I've never done it before, and it's proving a bit more of a challenge than I'd expected. Why I expected it to be simple, I'm not...

ArgusWolfe / 31 Dec 3304
Addendum to yesterday's revelation

Remember when I said I thought I was starting to figure things out? Yeah, well, that came with another eye opener. See, while I've definitely learned things, and am better at planning out what I want to do with myself, I've also learned this; I have a LONG way to go. All those starts and stops, the wasted...

ArgusWolfe / 31 Dec 3304
I think I'm finally figuring things out.

I've been a Commander now for a few years. Maybe not full time, but still a Commander all the same. Sometimes life got its claws into me and pulled me away from the black, sometimes I lost confidence in myself and walked away on my own. Each time, I still felt the call to get back out there. Lately,...

Sansin / 04 Jun 3304
Going into the Black

I had dabled at a long exploration trip before. 3500 light year loop isn't even considered long by most. Second try I decided to really push it. 30000 plus light years is a little more respectable. I may even push out even further...as far galactic east and south and z negative as I can go. Already...
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Squadron info

A small group, out on the frontier, where new pilots can learn the ropes with a variety of activities. Mining, exploration, trade, passengers, bounty hunting, and smuggling are all accessible from this system.

Name: The Errantry Alliance
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: XT979
    Members: 77
    Ships: 906
    Supporters: 12
    Squadron age: 650 days

    In coalition with: