Nato Jahran / 06 Feb 3305
There and Back Again (The Badlands)

*** BEGIN TEXT TO SPEECH TRANSFER *** I got back yesterday after putting 10,000+ LY on my old DBX. I'd been meaning to do some serious scanning for some time, and finally saw a relief in my duties with the Squadron that gave me a week to explore and wander a bit. I set my course for the Jellyfish...

Nato Jahran / 26 Sep 3304
Better Late Than Never

*** BEGIN SPEECH TO TEXT TRANSFER *** ENTRY 001 Is ... is this thing on? Damn it, how can I tell? I can fix a broken FSD 50 light years from ... oh, it is working. Huh. I've hesitated starting a personal log for quite some time. Most of me doesn't want to remember what happens on a day to day...

Kenlail Mclail / 18 Dec 3303
The Life and Times of Kenlail McLail

I originally hailed from the LHS 3447 system where I grew up as a military brat on Leinster Survey.  When I graduated school I immediately started working on the docks. While it paid the bills and gave me a little spending money, I quickly grew envious of the spacers that would come in and out of port....

McDudderson / 14 Oct 3303

So I landed at Wisoff Dock and turned my ship off. I got up and took a break. After my break I went to the market and got my ship stocked full with cargo to deliver back to 41 Lambda. Unfortunately the ship wouldn't start. At all. It just made a sound, and the temperature gauge alerted me of danger,...

SonicDart / 13 Oct 3303

WINTERWOLF TRANSMISSION RELAYED FROM Observation Post Epsilon DECRYPTING #ACCES GAINED || CMDR JAYCE 'SONICDART' NEWBURY Sonic here, The next trip was only 700Ly so i spent more time exploring systems. Found some nice planetary constellations. I also visited my first asteroid bases, quitte the sight....

SonicDart / 13 Oct 3303

WINTERWOLF TRANSMISSION RELAYED FROM ADMUNSEN TERMNAL DECRYPTING #ACCES GAINED || CMDR JAYCE 'SONICDART' NEWBURY LOG #1 Sonic here, My journey has continued towards the lagoon nebula, another 75 or so jumps, i found on the way i hadn't sold my exploration data from the first 2000 plus Ly's Will do...

SonicDart / 13 Oct 3303

WINTERWOLF TRANSMISSION RELAYED FROM HILLARY DEPOT DECRYPTING #ACCES GAINED || CMDR JAYCE 'SONICDART' NEWBURY Sonic here, My journey started in the Sol system, and my first stop would be Hillary depot. On the way there i landed on a planet with a set of rings around it, decided to land at the edge...

McDudderson / 11 Oct 3303
Second Entry, big updates

I have not updated my log in quite a while, as not much of interest has happened. I have purchased and hauled many goods to many systems and have finally afforded myself a Type-7. I admit I had to sell my Type-6 in order to afford it and now I am a little strapped for cash. I have to be careful as I...

SonicDart / 07 Sep 3303
Captain's log: 2 [07/09/3303 23:57]

When I finally arrived at Colonia, I quickly found out that the trip there, as hard is it was, was what made it worth it, not the arrival. The bitch that hired me to get there got upset over a scan while docking at Jaques station. And refused to pay even a fraction of the 15,000k credits we had agreed...

Squadron info

The Collective of Independent Agents (CIA) are a group of Elite Dangerous pilots within Federation space that share borders with Alliance and Independent held territory. As a whole, the CIA follow the laws of the Federation led by President Zachary Hudson and as implemented by the Shadow President Felicia Winters.

Name: Collective of Independent Agents
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Felicia Winters
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvERelaxed/casualOpenBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersPower supportersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCCollective of Independent Agents [CIAS]

Squadron commander: Reddragon349
Members: 50
Ships: 333
Supporters: 14
Squadron age: 598 days

In coalition with: