Logbook entry

Dragonxfangz / 07 Jun 3302
Commanders Log 06063302-1 System: Bedaho Locatino: REDACTED

Last few ventures out have been rather interesting. Have been in several wings with other members of the 8th Dragon Squadron working on taking out the sys sec ships in Bedaho. Trying to drop CoTs influence. My bounty hasn't been updating in my ship. Apparently i'm only worth a few thousand in credits but the bounty board in stations says otherwise. Worth a few hundred thousand now which is a small price to pay in order to take the fight to the CoT.

I've settled down on one of the nearby planets for now. Need to rest. When I wake up Dovah and I will be back at it. Either heading over to [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] to continue on our mission.
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Squadron info

Name: 8th Dragon Squadron
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Mohizz
    Members: 53
    Ships: 352
    Supporters: 11
    Squadron age: 1342 days
    Headquarters: Patocuda [Coney Gateway]
    Minor faction: 8th Dragon Squadron

    In coalition with: