Logbook entry

Mohizz / 07 Dec 3302


Welcome Commander.

Officer Sonya Duval personal Data log running...

Waiting for authentication…

Authentication approved...

Accessing log.


I am Sonya Duval, security officer at Dalton Gateway and retired Intelligence officer of the Federation Navy. I’ve decided to start this log after events that have taken place in the last months. All started with the appearance of a certain Commander Mohizz at Dalton Gateway on the 26th of December 3301.

I’ve attached Federal logs written by me to help you comprehend the depth of what has transpired. Information on this particular case leaded me to a much larger conspiracy I still have some difficulties to grasp.

I hope these reports will give you a better insight on who is Commander Mohizz, or rather who he isn’t.


Federal Log 56987 – 12/26/3300 – CASE ID A20584 – CMDR Mohizz arrival.  

This is my first report about CMDR Mohizz. He’s arrival at Dalton Gateway, LHS 3447, a few days ago is shrouded in mystery to say the least. Peoples who have met him describe him as a quiet man with a fiery gaze and a warm smile. He has blond hairs, a short beard, and he’s built like an ox. He doesn’t talk much and walk around with a hat and a long used black coat over his pilot suit, which reminds me of movies about cow boys made in the 20h century.

The Sidewinder he arrived in seems in good shape, but the docking officer has noticed some strange irregularities in the design that he’s never seen before. The ship ID has been scrapped, and if it’s not unusual with second hand small ships, it sure doesn't feel right in this case.

We still don’t know where he’s really coming from, and there’s nothing in our galactic database about him. I’ve used a number of contacts and shadowy networks to find about him, but nothing has came up. He’s a ghost.

CMDR Mohizz claims to come from a small mining outpost that got raided a few years ago by pirates and that he was the only one to escape. Strange as it is, we weren’t able to verify his story as all the names he gave us are locked in some of the most classified federal file I’ve ever seen. I’ve been asked to cease all inquiries in this particular event and redact mention of names he gave us, pending sanctions.

But I can’t, in good conscience, let this shadowy character roam Federal Space unchecked. From what we could tell he’s got some engineering background and a knack for trade. He spends most of his time in the Star & Garter lounge, without ever leaving drunk. Although it may be interesting to note that he seems to be able to drink a lot. And I mean A LOT. Speaking about drinking, I wonder where all the money he spends is coming from… We tried to check his Federal bank credentials but nothing came up. Money seems to come from an obscure independent bank, but legal in every aspect. Another thing we’ll have to check though.  

I’ve recommended a full review of his activities while in LHS 3447, but as of now, the commander looks clean. He’s done some bounty hunting in local resource extraction sites and a bit of trading (only legal goods so far). If he’s up to something, nothing can lead up to what exactly. He got into some kind of trouble with local authorities but cleared his name by paying the fine in due time.
I’ll have to dig a little more; I hope that I’ll be able to find something tangible soon. I have a bad feeling about all this.

Dalton Gateway security officer S. Duval.


Federal Log 57001 – 01/04/3301 – CASE ID A20584 – Follow up on CMDR Mohizz.  

It’s been ten days since my last report on CMDR Mohizz and I fear I may be onto something too big for my own sake. There’s still so much I don’t know, but the amount of effort that has been put to erase the identity of this man is uncanny. Biometric and facial recognition came up negatives. We’ve sent people trying to socialize with him but to no avail. Hell we even threw at him some of the most beautiful men and women of our intelligence service and they all came back empty handed. Although he did enjoy the women company…

Tracking CMDR Mohizz in the past few days has been a hassle. He moves a lot, and he moves quickly. He ditched his sidewinder last week and acquired an Eagle that he modified himself for long range travels. I suspect he’s doing some slave trade on the side, we’ve had some report about upper class households obtaining numbers of illegal workers lately and everything seems to point at him, but we have nothing to prove it.

Sources tells me that he’s not an exceptional pilot, he flies rough, and seems to learn on the go but he’s getting better and I don’t know If that should scare me or not. Local security reports states that he’s been seen handling known pirates swiftly, and that the modification he’s made to his new Eagle seems to be able to compensate for his lack of experience.  I can’t imagine the havoc he would be able to create flying some of the more powerful ship we have to offer.

I can’t shake this dark feeling I have about this commander. That is why I’ve decided to send an operative to scout the system he claims to be coming from. Despite the order of not pursuing this case, I’m sure it will bring some answers to the many questions this shady character has brought upon me.  I’ve been careful enough not to leave any trace of this though.

I’m going to try and meet CMDR Mohizz myself. This situation is not acceptable for me. Maybe I’ll try to slip something into his drink, or try and tag him with some of the latest tracer the Federal navy has developed. It’s highly unethical, but I will get to the bottom of this.
My next report should be due ten days from now. These files are still locked up in my personal database, but should be released if something was to happen to me.

Dalton Gateway security officer S. Duval.


Federal Log 57256 – 01/14/3301 – CASE ID A20584 – Investigation on CMDR Mohizz

This is probably my last entry about Commander Mohizz. The past ten days have been quite complicated and I’m starting to wonder if my obsession with this man isn’t going to be the doom of me. But to be honest, this is not him I’m afraid of now. I’ve met him. And it was quite the encounter. I haven’t been on the field for a while, and writing intelligence reports all day long does not help with such things. But I remember being more than the average operative, and old habits die hard.

But before relating this encounter, I must warn whoever that will read these reports to stay away and never speak of this for their own safety. The operative I sent on a scouting mission has mysteriously disappeared. A few days after my last reports, his transponder stopped emitting and I haven’t been able to join him yet. Our last conversation was cut short by some interference and soon after that, nothing.

The day after, I received some cryptic message from an unknown source begging me to stop this “foolish” quest of mine if I wanted to live.

But I’d taken upon myself to go hang out at the lounge the Commander was frequenting since his arrival and observe him for a few days, and I was not going to yield to threat.

I don’t fancy myself as the most good looking woman, but I’ve had my shares of lovers over the years and I know what men are after in those sort of places. So I was hoping to get noticed and engage him whatever way I could. But thing is, CMDR Mohizz doesn’t fit the usual profile and I was not sure how to deal with him. But it seems that random events of this particular night were to make things even worse than they were.

When I arrived at the Star & Garter, one of those high profile lounge that have prospered at Dalton Gateway in the last years, he was there, drinking his favorite whisky and smoking some old cigar. Intel had confirmed that he was just coming back from some business in an independent outpost some light years away but again, nothing he came back with could incriminate him. As I sat at the bar, trying to keep him in sight, two men rushed in shouting loudly, mostly insults. I didn’t know who they were talking to at first, but when they grabbed Mohizz’s table and spilled everything on the floor I knew something bad was going to happen.

Most of the men in there, mostly merchants and dandy's, would have panicked at the sight of the two infuriated belligerent coming at them, but the commander was calm as the void. Only his eyes were showing  a glimpse of his anger as the two men closed on him.

“You focking cocksucker!!” shouted one of the man with a very strong accent, “did ya reeeally expect to escape the Brotherhood after what ya did?”

“Yeah right” barked the other one, “we gonna show ya what we’re made off!”

As the first man was raising his hand with a knife coming of nowhere, CMDR Mohizz stood swiftly, grabbed his opponent arm, broke it like it was nothing and punched him in the face, dismantling his jaw in a weird crack sound. Too slow to react, the second man met the lounge’s floor after taking a hit to the chest and a follow up uppercut on his chin. In the few seconds that had passed, no one had the time to react and expressions of surprise and disbelief were on everyone's faces.

Commander Mohizz had regain his usual smile and walked toward me as if nothing had happened.

“Hello there!” I must have looked at him very strangely, because he started laughing at me gently.

“Sorry to disturb you officer Duval, but I fear I may have to change my plans now that unfortunate brawl happened” he said looking at the two men moaning on the floor. At this moment I think I must have lost my composure and every bit of training I had years ago just vanished from my mind. How did he knew my name? What kind of mess was I into?

“Would you be so kind as to act like we know each other and everything’s fine? I obviously know who you are, and I’m sure you have a lot of questions right now, but time is of the essence now, and I really don’t want to drag you into all of this.”

His voice was calm but transpired authority and I wasn’t going to oppose. My heart was racing and thousands of questions were clouding my brain. But old habits kicked in and I regain some sort of self-control quickly, just to see that he was already dragging me out of the bar with a firm but gentle hand.

“I must admit that you gave me some complication doing my business ‘round here miss Duval” he continued while walking. “I did not expect such attention from the Dalton Gateway security office, and much less from some retired federal intelligence operative to be in this place.”

“But you see, my role here must stay… how can I say that? Mmm yes, inconspicuous. For your own safety, I urge you to forget about all that and return to more meaningless affairs. The two gentlemen you just saw me fight are some of the meanest, if intelligent, bounty hunters I know and trust me when I say that I’m not too kin on knowing that they are after me.”

As we were going to the shipyard, he stopped for a second to check if we were not followed.

"I'm leaving federal space as soon as possible" he whispered, "I wish I had time to explain but since I've found what I was searching for and seeing that I've been spotted by the Brotherhood, I don't have much choice. I have a ship ready for departure but I need you to clear me from security scans"

He was talking fast but not like someone who'd been taken by fear but more like he wanted to say everything he could in the short time we had.

"Take this miss Duval" he said while handing me a data chip, "It will help you understand... I hope"

Having said that he smiled at me and ran off before I could say anything. My heart was still pounding and I didn't know what to do next.

This whole affair had turned light years away from what I expected. Suddenly It was not just some shadowy slave trader investigation but something much more complicated and dangerous.

Before I realised it, I was on the way to my office. I had this urge to see what was on this chip. I couldn't wait. But I was surely not gonna help him escape that easily.

How did he knew about me? What was he here to find? Why does the federal government had such high classified files about events linked to this man? How could he think I was gonna help him?

As I reached my office, all hell broke loose. Alarms started to howl in the station. Looking at my security screen, I saw all defense systems going live at the docking bay and detailed scans starting a full emergency pass.


I switched my screen to the docking bay view to see a Cobra MK III Flying through the station, taking warning salves of low grade lasers and ignoring the multiple hail demanding him to stop his ship. In a matter of seconds, all systems would turn to lethal mode and he would be destroyed.

That’s when I chose to insert the data chip commander Mohizz had given me. If he had to die, I would at least know what was all that for.

My precipitation made me skip all security procedure for unknown chips and as soon as the chip was on, all security systems started to shut down. I was mortified. How could I have been so stupid? He had gambled his life on my curiosity and need to know. The bastard had manipulated me into helping him escape without me even realising it.

I collapsed in my chair disabused and started laughing hysterically in front of my screen where I could see commander Mohizz leaving the station boosting through the “toaster”. A few seconds later, he was jumping system.

I’ve decided to classify the whole thing and bury the case deep. All reports should be redacted and only recoverable if certain conditions are met.  

Dalton Gateway security officer S. Duval.


Sonya’s personal log continues.


In the minutes after these events, I was starting to fall apart when something strange happened. At first it was just a flicker on my screen that intensified and soon some sort of back program took over my computer and a video started playing. It was commander Mohizz on screen.

“Officer Duval, if you see this message, it means things have escalated and I’ve had to dash. I only hope my escape plan was better than last time… but I digress.  Events of the last weeks are linked to a much more grand scheme involving high ranking members of the Federation and shady financial independant power groups in cold blooded mass murder, conspiracy, illegal take over and slavery.

The data chip I gave you has some undeniable proof on it, I’m sure you’ll find a way to use these information. But do be careful, things could go haywire very fast. I’m sorry you got dragged into this but you’ll have to admit you didn’t let me much of choice. I would have prefered you listen to my warnings. I’ve heard about you’re operative disparition, I’ll try to find out what happened.

I should be off to Empire’s space at the moment, where my next lead seems to point. I cannot get more specific as everything relies on information I’ll have to steal from a group called “The Brotherhood”. They’re posing as bounty hunters but really are pirates of the worst kind.

I’ve arranged for a special delivery you should get in the next days that should answers some of your question you probably have right about now. We’ll probably not see each other again. I bid you farewell miss Duval.

Commander Mohizz, out.


End of log…

Terminating process…

System shut down… have a good day Commander.

Do you like it?

Squadron info

Name: 8th Dragon Squadron
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Mohizz
    Members: 53
    Ships: 356
    Supporters: 11
    Squadron age: 1397 days
    Headquarters: Patocuda [Coney Gateway]
    Minor faction: 8th Dragon Squadron

    In coalition with: