Pyroman89er / 03 Aug 3303
Ship log SC-3303-08-01 - The start of a journey is always hard

Well, I`ve always been a bounty hunter. Ever since I was a young man. It's what I do. It's who I am. It's in my blood. Being a bounty hunter...gives you a bit of the best of both worlds to be honest. Many who get into this profession come to think of themselves like bonnafied cops. Or maybe even navy...

Jacques Molyneux / 28 Apr 3303
W Ursae Majoris

Made it to W Ursae Majoris, and the system is truly something to behold. Less than 200Ls apart, the two F-class stars orbit eachother at an interval of only 6 solar days. After peeking around and scanning down all orbital bodies and taking a few nice pictures of the two stars I started my journey back...

Markus Septonius / 24 Apr 3303
Ended up in a war again

Visited the generation ship yesterday. It was a spooky and sad place to experience. Nobody was brave enough to board the derelict ship because of the ship logs we found there. They talked about an alien virus that killed all of the inhabitants aboard the ship. Then, an imperial wing dropped to the location...

Vaelel / 24 Apr 3302
Vael-Net Report in the Pleiades

Unique Worlds Require A Unique Approach Merope 5 C Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-16 C 4 New Tricks & Ideas Explorer’s Snap It’s A Barnacle, No, It’s A Mountain, No, It’s A Crater With A Canyon Contact Information: Vael-Net Email Research Department Contact The Vael-Net Discord Google+ Original...

Montcore / 05 Feb 3302
Taking out pirates.

Ross 41 - 5th of February, 3302 I've received my first assignment from Commander Beskor and it's a big one. A gang of vicious pirates are attacking a trade lane in Ross 41. This gang has grown into a group of 32 pilots and they need to be stopped! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arriving...

Squadron info

Name: Earth Defense Fleet
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Zachary Hudson


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Vicktore Beskor
    Members: 280
    Ships: 958
    Supporters: 36
    Squadron age: 1090 days
    Headquarters: Okinura [Fisher Terminal]
    Minor faction: Earth Defense Fleet

    In coalition with: