TickleStick / 14 Jan 3304
Trials of Tickle 24/03/3284

They came out of Hyperspace to buzzers and warnings going off. "Taking heat damage Grim" . "No shit Lucy", Grim spouted back at his AI. That was only the second time he had done a Neutron jump. The first was in simulation. Hopefully 75 ly bought him some time. He looked to his left,...

Spacebastards / 03 Nov 3302
Almost home then BOOM

Well i was about 2,500 ly's from home and the ship decided to take a crap. Meaning all modules stopped working after trying to reboot the ships systems and nothing is happening. Oxygen is running out and as a last ditch effort I asked the space gods for help. They restored all of the modules to see if...

Spacebastards / 14 Sep 3302
finally made it to Jaq 9/8/16

Just had time to finally put in a flight log, made it to Jaq on 9/8/16. cashed in 7,982,621 Cr in exploration which included 755 systems and of that was 384 newly discovered bodies. Took a while but it is very beautiful, will stay for a couple of weeks of exploration. Made it to ranger and it seems like...

Spacebastards / 07 Sep 3302
Jaq Trip Day 7

Went through 4 systems this trip the systems are getting denser and the excitement of getting to the station is mounting. Each system seems to be bringing more stars the deeper I am going. Right now the systems in the bubbles are ranging from 1.5ly to 5lys arart on average. it is getting harder to plot...

Spacebastards / 06 Sep 3302
Jaq Trip Day 6

Wow seems to be taking forever I know that i am not in a hurry but i found out that no matter how careful you are you just can ho as the crow flies. When you plot the star systems the game pics are not in a straight line. Today was much different i guess i picked a better route because it is like i am...

Spacebastards / 04 Sep 3302

Another long trek out in the void, went through 4 systems today and logged about 3000ly. I have landed on a couple planets and seem to find a crashed nav becopn on each one. Scan it and get the info in hopes of gaining credits when i turn the information in.16,292 ly left to go. Found a system that had...

Spacebastards / 01 Sep 3302
Travel to Jaq Station

I decided to travel to Jaq station for the explorer CG. I am trying to get to elite on exploration and figured try to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I stated at Deciat after upgrading my FSD jump range on my ASP ex to over 33ly. Made it 2Kly before i felt like stoping, 19Kly to go i should be there in a...

Spacebastards / 24 Aug 3302
Sothis and CZ

Started the day with a run from sothis, ceos is a dead system now with no missions or services. Got filled up and made it to about 5 jumps to the first drop and got dicted by a fed drop ship, got me to 1% before i could run so i belong to the 1% club now. Finally made it to first stop to repair thank...

Spacebastards / 08 Aug 3302
Set up and kill

Did one last run from Sothis to get to almost 500 mil. Then built up the anaconda and did some bounties. I like this ship it kills without mercy and it is nice to have the type of defense that gives me a chance to not worry so much about being shot at. Should be doing some more bounties tomorrow with...

Spacebastards / 31 Jul 3302
run and engineer

So i did 3 runs today for a total credit income pf about 103mil. I like this and hope it continues for a while. I think i will get my python back and get ready for the civil war that is coming up. Got a couple more engineers on board The dweller and Elvirs. The only one that is left that i have been...
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Squadron info

Name: Black Sails sq.69
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Zachary Hudson


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: TheDutchy
    Members: 51
    Ships: 130
    Supporters: 1
    Squadron age: 1414 days
    Headquarters: LFT 69
    Minor faction: Black Sails Sq.69

    In coalition with: