Steelknight6 / 09 Jan 3306
Shuck log 001

It has been a long journey now, at least 145 hours since I started in my sidewinder. Heh, it feels like it wasn't to long ago I was dreaming of flying an Anaconda. Now here I am.. commanding an Anaconda. It has been a long journey, but my next goal is a federal corvette. Which seems oh so close, yet...

Lt.CanadianJesus / 28 Apr 3305
Commander Lima Tango Charlie - Log IV - Hunting

it's been a while since I've done one of these, but... i'll get on with it. Past couple of weeks has been great, I've been hunting  down pirate lords, Corrupt politicians, Et cetera. These guys are pure scum, doing anything and everything for profit, one, whose name i can't remember was credited...

Lt.CanadianJesus / 22 Feb 3305
CMDR Lima Tango Charlie - Log III - The Elite

It's Finally happened, After being a commander for 4 years, it finally happened. The new mining equipment boosted me to a whole new level of profits and... Recognition shall we say, I've been a Commander for Four years; since 3301,  Yesterday I made the jump into the legendary system Shinrarta Dezra,...

Lt.CanadianJesus / 07 Feb 3305
CMDR Lima Tango Charlie - Log II

So, the second log, better get on with it I guess. Today was... Pretty slow, Flew around for a few hours trying to get that asshat Marco Quent to give some semblance of an invite so I can get to Professor Palin, trying to get my Vette outfitted with some new thrusters. It was already a pain trying...

Lt.CanadianJesus / 05 Feb 3305
Commander Lima Tango Charlie - Log I

I'm new to this whole log thing, but I figured one day; someone or... something may get the better of me and end me right there and then, so I'd like to leave something to find, something so at least someone remembers my journey in the stars. I've been a Commander since 3301, Just around when Hudson...

Rotsteinblock / 04 Jan 3305
Beginning my trip today to, Sagittarius A via Colonia

Setting out from the bubble, on route to sgt A via Colonia. Heading towards waypoint #2 from Ltt 7453, 40 jumps planned. Havent ever done of these long trips, some concerns, but good overall felling. the route I'm planning to take is here: https://www.edsm.net/de/galactic-routes/show/id/866/name/Sol+-+Colonia+-+Sagittarius+A%2A+-+Sol Build: https://coriolis.io/outfit/anaconda?code=A0pitiFklkd3sxf5--------03000300020303023h11v2051O040s-4803032i.Iw18ZVA%3D.IzAMpN27LkBMDIGYIlEA.H4sIAAAAAAAAA2P%2BJ8XAwPCXFUj8qQASQju4GRj4VX79%2Fy9xBygoEi%2FKwPCf7V8CSBEzSP7f2%2F%2F%2F%2BT2%2B%2FP%2BvB1L0%2Fz8DAwDJjShKQwAAAA%3D%3D.MwegjAdArO0gDCYAmcyAcICmBDA5gDZYjjxkIXxA&bn=Exploration%20Anaconda...

Bazdur Delbrand / 16 Dec 3304
Chapter 06: Sleeping Beauty

//\\ Begin automatic log entry \\// Ship name: Needle ID: BA-05A Ship type: ASP Explorer Begin systems check...December 08 3304 Life support...operational Tactical...checking Shield module...operational Weapon modules...operational Tactical...operational Controls...operational Cryo-sleep...operational ...All...

Bernard of Tongeren / 20 Aug 3304
Captain's Log, Star Date 96237.14, the Death of Space Liam Neeson

.......where do I begin? It happened so suddenly.... *ahem* It was a sunny day on the Moon, though one could argue its ALWAYS a sunny day on the moon, when the sun did rise, as the crew of the Galopin stood around the grave of Fox "Liam" McGoffrey. We had built a small cairn out of...

Bernard of Tongeren / 02 Jul 3304
Captain's Log, Star Date 96098.12 Krait Mk2 Sea Trials

Officer on deck: Cmdr Bernard of Tongeren Ship: Krait Mk2 Designation: BNS Galopin, BE-01K Location of Test: Shinrarta Dezhra Remarks: The Galopin is a fantastic ship, a veritable pocket battleship with its 3 top deck turrets. It made short work of any and all pirates within its range, rarely needing...

Bernard of Tongeren / 08 May 3304
Captain's Log, Star Date 08.518 Exciting Exploration!

Today was a good day Discovered a water world that non before had seen, this is my first true discovery since I launched myself on this adventure to map the stars! Soon after I found entire systems un-discovered! Now, 10 planets and 3 suns bear my name like a litter of bastard children, yet I love...
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Squadron info

Nova Force is an Elite Dangerous Clan AKA Player Group.

Name: Nova Force
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Zachary Hudson
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

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Squadron commander: -Boston-
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Squadron age: 1393 days

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