Bernard of Tongeren / 20 Aug 3304
Captain's Log, Star Date 96237.14, the Death of Space Liam Neeson

.......where do I begin? It happened so suddenly.... *ahem* It was a sunny day on the Moon, though one could argue its ALWAYS a sunny day on the moon, when the sun did rise, as the crew of the Galopin stood around the grave of Fox "Liam" McGoffrey. We had built a small cairn out of...

Bernard of Tongeren / 02 Jul 3304
Captain's Log, Star Date 96098.12 Krait Mk2 Sea Trials

Officer on deck: Cmdr Bernard of Tongeren Ship: Krait Mk2 Designation: BNS Galopin, BE-01K Location of Test: Shinrarta Dezhra Remarks: The Galopin is a fantastic ship, a veritable pocket battleship with its 3 top deck turrets. It made short work of any and all pirates within its range, rarely needing...

Bernard of Tongeren / 08 May 3304
Captain's Log, Star Date 08.518 Exciting Exploration!

Today was a good day Discovered a water world that non before had seen, this is my first true discovery since I launched myself on this adventure to map the stars! Soon after I found entire systems un-discovered! Now, 10 planets and 3 suns bear my name like a litter of bastard children, yet I love...

Bernard of Tongeren / 30 Apr 3304
Prison Log, Star date 30.0418

Its the nights in solitairy that are the worst, here at Iron Claw Prison The silent rumble of the stations reactors and the clanging sounds of the hull when I place my head down on the steel pillow of my cell. I regret nothing, i bide my time, i prepare my next move. The guards beat me...

Bernard of Tongeren / 27 Apr 3304
Captain's Log, Star Date 27.418

Yesterday concluded the space trials of the latest addition to my fleet. The Anaconda. Fittingly named the Leopold, I hope to continue its outfitting in the hopes that, once done, she ploughs through the battlefield, a true giant killer waiting to blast any threat to bits. All in the name of education...

Bernard of Tongeren / 25 Apr 3304
Captain's Log, Star Date 25.418

While exploring, we stumbled upon a small cache protected by drones. Space Liam saw that they did not form the shape of his son and so ignored them completely. On the other hand, they where shaped like money and so it was my civic duty to go take them. After a brief fight with the drones (see gallery)...

Gromet / 10 Nov 3302

Now that our recent wing campaign has ended, poorly I'm afraid, I've been living in high heaven touring the bubble with passengers. Its a nice change from the drudgery of bounty hunting and Federation missions to bringing these fat rich folk all kinds of odd, unknown to me, secluded planets and orbit...

Gromet / 06 Oct 3302

I've been running nearly all my military operations from the Sol system Galileo port. Most missions are very localized and fairly simple. Although, I enjoy these missions from the financial standpoint and difficult rank progression.  My reputation though, is spreading. Apparently, one of the neighboring...

Gromet / 15 Sep 3302
The Tip Off

I was running standard delivery missions for the Federation when receiving a tip off. After completing the missions at hand I headed out to the planet. It took a while to figure out that the spreadsheet I created, free to anyone, to calculate heading towards destination, had a small flaw. I reversed...

Gromet / 19 Aug 3302
Second Update, Something More Sinister

I see both Empire and Federation mobilizing and gearing for war. Don't be a fool and choose a side. The trigger happy youth are boasting about the side they have chosen. But, being a freelance solider on both sides, I can tell you, they are not preparing to fight each other. They are in preparations...
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Squadron info

Name: Nova Force
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Zachary Hudson


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: -Boston-
    Members: 380
    Ships: 1743
    Supporters: 9
    Squadron age: 985 days

    In coalition with: