MalcomR / 23 Apr 3304
23 Apr 3304 MalcomR / 4/9/3304 18:09 - Wolf 497: Buffett Vista

We've covered a lot of ground, or rather space, since the last log entry with a lot of exploration, data and cargo runs for the Alliance (reached 100% rep with them) and Federation, and some trading.  During this time I reached Ensign rank in the Federation navy and made some very good money selling...

MalcomR / 09 Apr 3304
4/9/3304 21:04 - Yum Kamcabi: The Harmony

It's been a busy and interesting week shuttling around GCRV 62586 and Yum Kamcabi with side trips to AG+11 and Baila.  We've done data delivery, cargo, hunted deserters and venerable generals and explored with over 1.2 million credits of systems.  GCRV and Yum Kamcabi were a gold mine and AG+11 wasn't...

MalcomR / 02 Apr 3304
4/2/3304 22:58 - IV Comae Berenices: Litke Dock

It was a good time at Mohamad Station catching up with old friends that I served with. Most have settled down to civilian life and have families now. It was good to see them again. I departed for Col 285 Sector YF-M C8-8 some days ago and explored everything I could point a scanner at. I decided...

MalcomR / 28 Mar 3304
3/28/3304 23:50 - Abrogo: Haller Installation

Finished data delivery missions for the Federation here an at LHS 223: Wundt Dock. LHS 223 was unexplored so I did detailed surface scans of all the bodies - the extra scans sure help on the payout when I turn them in. All in all a good trip. I received word that I am now of Trailblazer rank and I've...

MalcomR / 27 Mar 3304
3/27/3304 4:36 - BD+33 256: Hui Ring

Stopping over enroute to Col 285 Sector YF-M C8-8.  It's been a busy week working on getting the Empire rank of King.  I started last Thursday night and was done by Saturday night.  I did the Ngalinn Hickam Survey <-> Mainani Mies Van Der Rohe's Claim runs.  I ran mainly data but did some cargo...

Scaramanga / 17 Dec 3302
The Formidine Rift and Beyond

It took weeks but my ship, with a jump range of sub 27 lys, has made it to the other side of the Heisenberg Bridge.  Right in the heart of the Formidine Rift.  I’ve now crossed the rift and made it to The Outer Arm Vacuus region of the galaxy.  You can see my galactic map here Now I press on...

Scaramanga / 03 Dec 3302
The Formidine Rift - Long, treacherous, and mocking

For a month, maybe more I've been trying to cross The Rift. The trail originally blazed by CMDR Heisenberg6626 the famous Heisenberg Rift, is too far for my ship's 26.6 ly jump range. As I entered the rift, using the data from the Children of Raxxla the stars were forever out of reach. I would...

Scaramanga / 14 Nov 3302

After my last log book entry, it hit me that the system shown below had a white star.   m9Jym8yDrb4 So, I screened out all stars that were not right in the Heart nebula including this system and planet: HEART SECTOR AA-4 E61 The planet shown caught my eye.  Exploring with my SRV I found...

Scaramanga / 12 Nov 3302
No Aliens Here!

I've been searching in and around the Heart and Soul nebulae for some time now and my feeling is there are no aliens here.  I have tried to align the image of the alien/human battle  with the Soul nebula, Commander Xdeath style.  Sadly, this is to no avail.  The more I look at the Soul nebula, and I...

Scaramanga / 02 Nov 3302
Heart and Soul Nebulae in Sight!

*Begin Recording*  The Renainansse Resurgent continues to take us at unfathomable speed towards the Heart and Soul nebulae.  Evani, that is Evani Gjoni, my 1st mate, is quiet and keeps herself busy checking this and checking that.  Now and then we have a conversation, but strictly business so far.  I'm...
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Squadron info

Name: Adamant Toads
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Moosepickle
    Members: 91
    Ships: 265
    Supporters: 2
    Squadron age: 1387 days

    In coalition with: