Iconoclypse / 11 May 3305
Persnoal 3305-05-1

DAMMIT TO FUCK! I missed the packet burst this week. I ran out of time. I barely got back inside the ship before the next jump. It would appear that the ship was already aligned with the bubble so the comms array didn't have to take any time to align. Meaning I had zero time to install the redirect...

Iconoclypse / 05 May 3305
Personal 3305-04-24

I DID IT! Barely. I caught a little of the transition back into Witchspace on the spool up for the next jump. But still I had time, the ship was still for 6 mins while it aligned for the comms burst. that gave me time to attach my rider with an address redirect. I can let them know what's going on. Message...

Iconoclypse / 05 May 3305
Personal 3305-04-23 (2)

I'm back. Fuck. Heart's beating like a muthafucker. I NEVER want to do that again. Being outside in Witchspace messed with my head. There was no sense of proportion. I couldn't trust my senses. Had to hold the hull and hope. The transition was worse. That hiss our boats make when dropping into normal...

Iconoclypse / 05 May 3305
Personal 3305-04-23

Ok. Status is no fucking change. I'm fully suited with a makeshift EVA unit. Necessity truly is invention's mother. The bad news? This is gonna reduce my emergency atmos reserves should the canopy go. Which it might. It's down to 47% now. The lithium scooping and drive mods are a dead end. It still...

Iconoclypse / 05 May 3305
Personal 3305-04-02

Ok, still zero comms, zero guidance. Modules hovering around the 70% mark on average. Supplies are ok, thanks to a month's Remlok. I don't know how long I can keep running it like that though. It's certainly not what it's designed for. One thing I have now figured out. The fuel synthesis. Well a bit...

Iconoclypse / 05 May 3305
Personal 3305-02-21

The jury- rigged Remlok worked. So that's a fortnight's supplies saved. Looks like I'll be back under soon though. I'm used to flying solo, no need for a crewmate in this tub but I miss my wife. I miss DRX. I have no idea how many jumps I've taken now and there's never enough time to make any manual...

vinnieboJ / 15 Apr 3305
Back in the Black!

Location: Hyperspace, jumping to R. Monocerotis. Back in the Black once again. The yaw situation grounded me for a couple of days. Got her flying again after jury-rigging a few things so it would keep the ship from drifting, albeit far from ideal or safe, while I waited for the on-board 3D-printer...

vinnieboJ / 27 Mar 3305
Out in the Void once more....

Location: HD 49368 aka Hades Edge. So, been quite busy the last few months, we got some new tools, both for Mining and Exploration. Made mining a lot more profitable as it opened up a lot more commodities for trade. Done about 2 or 3 mining runs, almost exclusively mining for Void Opals, as they are...

Iconoclypse / 06 Feb 3305
Personal 3305-02-06

Fuck. So... Here's what I know. If I was wanted dead there are surely easier ways. 'Delilah' is gone. Boards are missing. Main comms too. Simply fuck all there. All other systems appear nominal. Guidance is clearly working. The ship's made over a 140 jumps so far. It's taking its time then, but...

Iconoclypse / 03 Feb 3305
Personal 3305-02-03

I'm awake again. So here's the situation... I'm travelling. FSM knows where. Guidance is locked. Comms are locked. 'Delilah' is unresponsive. The ship's jumps are sufficiently rapid that I can't begin to get a visual lock of a damn thing to begin triangulating my position manually. Given the degree...
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Squadron info


Name: Deep Recon X
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

CQCRoleplayRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupSoloExplorersFaction supportersMentorsHumanitarian aid providersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCDeep Recon X [DRX1]
  • PS4Deep Recon X [DRX1]

Squadron commander: Iconoclypse
Members: 156
Ships: 799
Supporters: 28
Squadron age: 1090 days
Headquarters: Omicron Ursae Majoris [Asimov Dock]
Minor faction: Deep Recon X