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24 Feb 2019
Empire Factions Hurt Aisling’s Economy!

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This mission was set by the allied/supported squadron: Praetorian Confederacy

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We know first hand how crazy it sounds: Empire Factions hurt an Empire Power?? Bollocks!

However, it’s absolutely true. Take a look at any Aisling Duval control system in Inara and scroll down to the exploited systems list. Systems controlled with Cooperative (broker), Confederate (unionist/venturist) or Communist government Minor factions are listed as “Favorable” on Inara’s Exploited systems list for Aisling’s control system.

I know. You feel...strange, maybe even betrayed or a little dirty. It’s true though. We’ve all been there, running missions for the wrong factions thinking we were doing good.

Please contact the Praetorian Guard for details on how you can help.

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