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16 Oct 2019
Operation Cinders

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This mission was set by the allied/supported squadron: Sol's Salutis Aeternum

For who is worthy of the cause... We will be forced to do what is necessary for the greater good. One way or the other. Someone will fall and someone shall rise.

Mission details
Incoming Message from Fleet Admiral Dustin (Sol's Salutis Aeternum) // Broadcasting across Public Bands //


We've come a long way in the past year, had struggles. Fought many battles, some we won some we lost. But we never gave up. So I will say this, to all who oppose us. Even if you defeat us here. We will never give up and we will never surrender. We will continue to fight even if it costs us everything. Because we are not people who just stand idly by as powerhungry men reign their tyranny over the people. We Sol's Salutis Aeternum, Stand for all those who desire to keep Humanity on a path of Righteousness. Now we will not make all the ritght decisions. And we fail at times. But you have my word, that As long as I am still standing, and this tin cans kickin'. I Will fight! I will Stand.

So to those who should oppose us. Know this, that we will not go quietly unto the night. So choose your battles wisely. And think is it really worth it? Truly worth the striff it will bring to both sides. I leave you the next move...

Fleet Admiral Dustin Signing Off...

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