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About Independent Pilots Consortium

Welcome Commander, to the Independent Pilots Consortium
"Good business is where you find it"

Who are the Independent Pilots Consortium?

The Independent Pilots Consortium is a private military organisation that prides itself in helping anyone that requires it while also maintaining peace and order in the systems that are under IPC protection.

What does the Independent Pilots Consortium do?

Military Operations:
Our military operations include; protecting traders and miners from pirates as well defending independent systems from hostile incursions. The IPC will discuss co-operative action with other groups and engage in defending systems from unwanted expansions or assist fellow aligned groups to increase their influence and/or sphere of system control.
The IPC has a dedicated PvP group that regularly patrol Community Goal systems and engage with hostile CMDRs
The IPC also has a dedicated Background Simulation (BGS) specialist team who undertake expansion and maintenance of the IPCs home systems and sector.

Trade Operations:
These include ensuring the healthy development of our independent, individual systems and continuing the expansion of the IPC through the local cluster. Increasing the credit balance of our clients and Commanders via calculating and maximising trade profit and access to highly profitable trade runs in conjunction with our coalition groups.

Diplomatic Services:
We can offer mediation services between other organisations as well as defusing high tension situations.


The IPC hosts a wide variety of different commanders with a wide range of interests. We encourage to production of videos and other media and run a centralised YouTube channel where our commanders can have their videos linked to gain increased exposure.

Check out our YouTube channels clicking the icons below.

Our Commanders are fully supported in PvP engagements and operations are ongoing 24/7 as well as through Background Simulation (BGS) activities. Role Play and video recording sessions are planned as well as fun and relaxing sessions such as canyon races on planetary surfaces in SRVs and Eagles, demolition derby in sidewinders, PvP friendly duels / training or Hauler Squadron vs Type 9. We welcome involvement in the senior commander's IPC "Fly With Me" YouTube series.

The IPC hosts players from around the world and through many different time zones. Primarily communicating through our dedicated TeamSpeak server with one another as well as our Discord server where we are linked into the other major aligned player groups and can quickly hear of and respond to troubles throughout the bubble. As one of the oldest, first introduced and most longstanding player groups in Elite: Dangerous, the IPC has a wide network of contacts throughout the galaxy.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the IPC we would gladly consider your application. We are happy to chat and fly with you in game and you may have already worked with us or seen us at the regular Community Goal systems.

Whether your interests are primarily PvP based or BGS / PvE based there is plenty of activity through both to keep one engaged.

>> IPC Player Requirements <<

- A regular player of Elite: Dangerous
- Dedication to following standing objectives of the IPC - Through either PvP activity or BGS missions / objectives
- Some PvP experience is preferred - Or alternativley BGS / RP interests
- Sufficient funds to cover ship upgrades and insurance
- TeamSpeak and Discord applications + microphone (essential for PvP)
- Willingness to engage in training if interested in PvP
- Understanding of BGS mechanics or asking of our BGS specialist team
- Willingness to swap between PvP and BGS work as requirements dictate dependant on the IPCs current expansions / system war status.


"Good business is where you find it"

Squadron info

Name: Independent Pilots Consortium
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPOpenBounty hunters

In-game squadron name:
  • PCIndependent Pilots Consortium [IPCA]

Squadron commander: Starkiller_
Members: 25
Ships: 225
Supporters: 4
Squadron age: 1642 days

In coalition with: