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About The Allied Order Of Exemplars

The Allied Order of Exemplars is a theocratic group of jaded Alliance operatives and rock hermits. We are blessed to be making our home the California nebula.

For us the galaxy is not about material gain but it is a tool for furthering the evolution of human consciousness through diverse spiritual disciplines, para-science, augmentation, Noetic enhancers, the arts and social politics. Though our visions are as manifold as the stars, we are all futurists at heart.

We do not engage in intentional criminal acts - especially slavery.
We take the ethical concepts of mind-ownership, non-aggression principles, and life-form rights very seriously and try to set an example of these principles. And by example and persuasion encourage greater understanding and cooperation within the Alliance collective.

The Order takes great pride in its achievements both past and present, enacting lawful humanitarian and developmental interventions to the benefit of the Alliance of Independents and its citizens.

We actively support president Mahon's Legislative and efforts as much as our non-aggression policy and galactic isolation allows. Working often with our partners within defined human space.

Our aims include providing economic support and tentative oversight to Turner Research Institute activities in the California sector, while providing security and stability for any that make the pilgrimage to the nebula.

We are continuously looking for inquisitive minds to join us in our efforts.

This is the our Discord server: We can also be found on "Alliance of independents" and "AJN" servers. We maintain a private Xbox club which acts as our embassy and local focus.

Cmdr Inh1b1ted UKCG

Squadron info

Name: The Allied Order Of Exemplars
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Edmund Mahon
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Inh1b1ted UKCG
    Members: 5
    Ships: 36
    Supporters: 8
    Squadron age: 1057 days
    Headquarters: California Sector BV-Y c7
    Minor faction: The Allied Order of Exemplars
    Supporting: Turner Research Group

    In coalition with: