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Punative, & missions-Assistive,  Wing

Is a (  NO-INVITATION-REQUIRED  ), faction open to;

1      Utopians & generally Li Yong Riu/Alliance/Groms ,
2      favouring (when-not-pledged-to)  Lavigny/Winter or Aisling pilots,

3      pilots just generally sick of the Fed / Empire / both

4      mercenaries/rogues/freelancers  /  freespirit/non-aligned/etc

... pilots...  ;  who have experienced/realised the inundation of corrupt or criminal-factions in especially outer-worlds space , that have undermined not only Control systems profitability in Galactic Powers space ... but also just generally, growth-legitimate.

Many of if not all GP's  parades and big talk ... then mean nothing, when a lack of persistence, fails to POLICE or at least provide Punative-justice against the perpetrators of the un-defendable amongst them.  The worst of the worst factions , are our  no-debate,  not-rationalisable-as-  'neighbourly'  enemy , the less honourable Galactic Powers come third, and often tho not always, Delaine particularly, will lie inbetween.

Basically, FUAW acts on the larger scale , longer term impact, of factions criminal behaviour, or destructionist/cannibalistic behaviours, TOWARDS other factions - sometimes legitimate factions do things criminal ones do, and it can be difficult to commit to specific factions or faction types...

FUAW is to act on factions behaviour, regardless of which type, but that leading to more action upon some more than others.
In Utopia mostly, but not entirely.

If that sounds specific enough that that's what you'd like to do, then apply now,  without any further ado/reading!  This is otherwise, a long and often contextualised wing-description, but i'm a flexible person - FUAW also does what it does, on-the-day ... with whoever is online at the time , basically - both short term and long term planning will be used once we have more members, but until then, and in idle time, membership does NOT mean following some set of rules as long as this page!  far from it ... whatever we can get together, will be what we can use, no matter how detailed some description on an INARA page.  so if you don't want to have to read all this, that's fine!  You can bring what you can, to FUAW any day, as little as you might, and that's still welcome - whereas anyone becoming an officer in FUAW, would need become familiar with most of it.

...FUAW's intended to be more of a facilitation of just getting people together, who want to act on factions - what we do, is not to be directed only by me, etc...  if you just want to make yourself able to be noticed BY OTHERS, as someone able to be called upon, FOR, acting on factions, by joining - then exactly what we're about!

including if you're not even pledged to Utopia itself, but are curious about it's potential, and aren't quite 100% committed to-only, your current Galactic Power, or just like co-operating (LYR pilots are more welcome by this intention, than others - technology, is our common language).

Regardless of where you're from, if you would like to see Utopia flourish rather than fail, while remaining loyal to your Galactic Power, that's fine... sometimes we might be targeting a faction loyal of your GP, in that case, you can sit it out, no problem.

NO NEED TO READ THIS ANY FURTHER, if you just want to join to be callable-upon, for action against factions.


A more detailed description, is in the history page.


SPECIAL INFO, for Kumo/Hudsons ;

 The who's FUAW open-to, above, does not describe,
genuinely tired of Hudson/Kumo pilots, prepared to commit experimentally to Utopia at least partially in temporary pledges ... in terms of Utopia being a better ALTERNATIVE, to whichever free-humanisms you feel are more freely defended in absolute freedom(anarchist) under Delaine,  OR/& not truly defended in Hudson space ... when neither do a well enough job.
Something generally... NEW - an UNKNOWN gamble, roll of the dice, etc.
 While some things are strict within Utopia, there are no doubt, some flexibilities (in local systems) for limited-connectivity-SIMs in which even we, can get high and do things we enjoy, and UNlike in normal risks from connectivities-of them normally not tolerated, will not be a risk to-others when so, in DIS-connection  -  there is ROOM, for using both, in other words  -  PRIVATE, sims.

 One does not have to stay connected to the more Guru-weaning, if one wishes.  Recognising the potentials of connectivity as a alternative to limited human precedents of communication & BEING , etc ... our 'old' ... FOR- Earth ... types of presence ... is a kind of minimum of realisation about WHY, or HOW , Utopia aims to create something ...
... perhaps ... worth a try if nothing else (from a gambler's perspective).
If that appeals to your freedoms within Kumo chosen freedoms, then you would be cautiously, but understandably welcome too, even if only temporarily.

 One does not have to 'believe', in every particular prediction, to aid, this evolution / SURPASSING , while some wishing traditional , predictable, ESTIMATE-ABLE, methodology , hold us back - if that sounds appealing as it should, then do not feel you have to commit fully to Utopia AS IT CURRENTLY IS ... to aid FUAW  -  the same goes for the more committed-to-technology, from LYR, who are not specifically committed to connectivity ... but might be intrigued by the possibilities of what Utopia/others  claim.
   If that doesn't sound enough ... it might convince you a little more to know that i myself, are not as fully committed to Utopia as much as a fully devoted Utopian is  -  in the above i would fall into that latter secondary category of 'others intrigued'  -  not the first.

 But i did not need to be, to be able to recognise that the, will-improve EVERYBODY's / ANYBODY's  education/upbringing SIMs, the possible future of Utopia's aims, and what the surpassing of particularly the predictability of non-SIM, 'old' , non-  interconnected-communications/experience, was enough, for me to pledge!!  Remaining predictable, is suicide.
 I would not / FUAW is to not,  ask any more of similarities of interest, in pilots from either LYR or Delaine, or the Alliance or other neutral powers.

pilots from the Federation/Empire, i would ask a little more


A more detailed description, is in the history page.

Squadron info

FUAW | Need some help with an individual faction? Want a boost for your own? Need help during a faction-state or whole-system-state? | FUAW is a ROAMING, non-PMF, wing, that is to assist and punish factions, is both defensive and offensive, and is for both fighters, but ALSO, for ppl who are good/better with missions, and want to make themselves more useful to Utopia, by working together in ways that flipping/fighting-specialists, have no time for.

Name: FUAW
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Pranav Antal
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Vurrath
    Members: 1
    Ships: 17
    Supporters: 3
    Squadron age: 976 days
    Headquarters: Polevnic [Tanner Settlement]

    In coalition with: