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About Celestial Light Brigade

“Half a league, half a league,
Half a league onward,
All in the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.
"Forward, the Light Brigade!
"Charge for the guns!" he said:
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.  

Welcome to the Celestial Light Brigade.

The Celestial Light Brigade is a rag-tag group of idealist pilots united by the common cause of pushing back Archon Delaine and returning Pegasi space to a place of peace and prosperity for all who reside there. Many of the members of the CLB are veterans of the Pegasi Pirate War displaced by Archon Delaine fighting for the liberation of their homes; many others are independents aligned with the Brigade because of their mission to eradicate evils such as piracy and slavery from the galaxy. The Brigade has united itself with Aisling Duval’s message of liberation and as such considers itself affiliated with the empire. They remain committed to enfranchising the marginalized and avenging the dead.

A permanent home has been established in Aisling Duval’s space. The Celestial Light Brigade calls every available pilot to its aid.

Are you alone, lost and separated from your home land of Pegasi? Or do you crave a place in the galaxy to call home and are willing to serve a faction that will return loyalty for loyalty? Join Lady Emily Tennyson’s Celestial Light Brigade today!

Faction Goals and Expectations:

CLB is currently an xbox faction, it is an Independent Cooperative faction with close ties to the Empire, in particular Aisling Duval. CLB strongly opposes the Kumo Crew and Archon Delaine, with the long term goal of minimizing/eliminating his presence in Pegasi and settling anarchy into other government types. CLB is anti-slavery, seeking to eliminate the practice through abstinence or release into AD space.

It is expected of each member to follow a general code of conduct and rule of engagement while a part of this group. This is both to foster CLB’s community of players but also CLB’s interaction amongst the greater community of Elite. The highlights of this are no forced return to menu or combat logging, no griefing other players, being respectful of each other and the diversity of players and play styles, always flying in open when playing in such a way that will have an effect on the Galaxy (so therefore always open is strongly encouraged).

Participation in group activities are offered as an opportunity to interact with others in common goals and are not required. As playing in open is challenging, being a part of a faction can help with many things, from training to survive to help obtaining re-buys, our main goal is creating a community that helps each other, learns the game together, and plays the game together.

Rank structure is as follows: Prospective Member - Member - Team Leading Member - Cabinet Member - Founder.

As a prospective member you will be invited to the faction discord and be able to participate with all members of the team. After a trial period you will be invited into full membership if you and the team are a good fit for each other.

All full members of CLB have the ability to affect the trajectory and business of the faction through voting on faction matters. When at all possible, all decisions are made through proposal to all faction members and voted on by popular vote.

Team Leading Members are simply members who have a strong desire and affinity for being available to help other faction members, they will create opportunities for members to wing up online, lead wings in operations and missions, but are not the exclusive leaders of wings.

Cabinet Members are a group of elected and dedicated faction members who act in the case where a decision must be made on behalf of the team with urgency. Discussions at this level are always transparent, occur rarely, and are made in such a way that hopefully allow the team to vote as a whole at a later point in time.

The Founding Member of CLB and acts as single point of contact for the will of the team. Actions at this level take into account proposals and the will of the team.

If you are interested in being invited to the faction as a prospective member or a coalition member, please use the inara website tools to submit this request and/or message high ranking members on xbox Live