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About Aisling's Angels

Welcome to the home of Aisling's Angels on Inara! If you wish to apply for membership, please join us on discord at While we love Inara, we don't manage our members or co-ordinate our actions here.

In-game, our squadron can be found by searching for the four-letter tag 'ANGL'.

We consider ourselves a welcoming imperial squadron, a good school for new pilots, and a social place to shoot the breeze while enjoying space.

Squadron info

Latest squadron members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
StarwynderEliteImperial Cutter
SifoodEliteImperial Cutter
Ragnar StarquesterEliteAnaconda---------PC
TiaraAshdollPioneerFederal Corvette
Obi Wan KinobiElite
Ni4mhEliteImperial Clipper
BitterwhalerEliteImperial Cutter
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