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About Fortunes Corsairs

All is and shall be as the Fortune wills it, and we as the Pilots of Fortune itself seek to exploit and manipulate Fortune's will so that we may live gloriously and free in its riches. We The Fortune's Corsairs are an Elite: Dangerous player faction currently looking to expand as we continue our crusade across the galaxy. We as a faction of privateers specialize in all fields of operation and are capable of accomplishing any job regardless of its galactic legality. That being said we are not space mad griefers, we are professionals and we will gladly put down any of those outside or even within our own ranks that make the decision to needlessly ruin another player's game-play experience. On a lighter note our faction is open to all players regardless of skill level and superpower allegiance. We love to teach new players and to learn from and pass on other veterans' experiences. As an independent faction we do not care what superpowers our members support as we see it as a method of benefiting our own faction. Our true and only allegiance is to the spirit of Fortune itself. We are The Fortune's Corsairs and whether it be by fame or infamy, the galaxy's vast amount of treasure shall be ours and possibly a part of it can be yours. Join us as we grow more powerful by the true will of Fortune as we fly dangerously across the stars. O7 CMDRs see you out in the black.

Squadron info

Name: Fortunes Corsairs
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:
  • XBoxFortunes Corsairs [CRSR]

Squadron commander: Cmdr xligerzerojager
Members: 32
Ships: 244
Supporters: 1
Squadron age: 1078 days

In coalition with: