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About Imperial Sentinels Network (I.S.N.)

Community Name: Imperial Sentinels Network (I.S.N.)
Player Faction: Imperial Sentinels
Faction Leader: Sir Barton Mattis
Aligned Power Empire

Faction Emblem:

1.) We only represent and defend our actions and beliefs.  We cannot and will not speak for the players we work along side with and/or are allied with. We will assist in outside conflict for allies through BGS only when help is requested, never in open combat. We only wish to better everyone's gaming experience.
2.) No combat logging in any and all PvP interactions.
3.) No grieving will be allowed.
4.) No person will be removed from our faction without any proof of their infraction. The burden of proof lies with the accuser.

Factions' Description

In these, the turbulent times of the second thargoid crisis, humanity is looking towards strong leaders for guidance. Sir Barton Mattis, Leader of the Imperial Sentinels has risen above to stand firm, defending the interests of Princess Aisling Duval.

After leading a promising career in the imperial navy, Sir Barton Mattis now finds himself leading the Imperial Sentinels. A collection of independent pilots and mercenaries from all walks of life. Headquartered in Ch’eng, the Imperial Sentinels embark on a mission to protect humanity, unify the empire, and maintain peace throughout the galaxy, by any means necessary.

Squadron info

Name: Imperial Sentinels Network (I.S.N.)
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Language: English


In-game squadron name:
  • XBoxThe Quorum [ISNQ]

Squadron commander: II Nightly II
Members: 10
Ships: 94
Supporters: 10
Squadron age: 851 days

In coalition with: