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About Paladin Consortium

Welcome to Paladin Consortium...

"Pilot Autonomy... Unified as One"

What are we?
“An association of independent Mil-spec soldiers united by the will to enforce law and order in the galaxy, searching for a way to improve well-being and cooperation in the galaxy by promoting trade, exploration and mining...”

Simply put, we are pilots that believe in experiencing everything that tha galaxy has to offer, together... and when required, accomplish specific goals/objectives as a collective unit. Whether you are a hard core Elite pilot, an occasional flyer, or a roleplayer who "lives the life", our group has something for you!

Who are we?
The original Paladins travelled together from their home planet in the Sol system in search of a better life. When they arrived in the region of LFT 37 they began to settle, building a station (Roetgen Hub) orbiting what would become their home planet, LFT 37 1. Lit by their star Durandal, this planet provided food. The nearby LFT 37 2 provided resources, via the Onnes Gateway station. Once settled, a third station - Savinykh Hub - was built orbiting LFT 37 3 with a focus on trade.

In those early days, many of the convoy ships that followed the settlers decided to base themselves in nearby systems – attracted by the dominant characteristics of the societies already living in them-. These Paladins became known by the local inhabitants, and created the Houses of the Consortium.

The technologically advanced Andhrims; the artists of Kappa Phoenicia; the devout, law abiding Tavgans; the ethically flexible Qarats; the mysterious loners of Segovit; society’s devient’s and independents in Isis; the military focused Paladin Templar force in Nemet; and not forgetting the largest of all, a corporation that in the early days had become so economically and politically important it took its own system – the Nabatean Mining and Transportation Company

These systems had their own governments in which the Paladin participated. With the original leadership of the Paladin settled in LFT 37, and LFT37 considered the mother system, a Senate formed, with Senators drawn from each of the Houses. Thus the Consortium came to be. In many cases the Paladin Consortium came to run the systems – more by default than design - but, with the Consortium being democratically minded, the systems went through regular political upheaval.  Over time, the lines between the settlers and the original inhabitants blurred and the Paladin Consortium became a melting pot – a group that shared a way of thinking, rather than a shared origin.

"Pilot Autonomy... Unified as One"

What do we do?
Paladin Consortium is comprised of a number of distinct institutions that operate collectively to ensure the continued prosperity of their members, and the advancement of Paladin objectives and ideology, whilst furthering our collaboration within the Elite community.

The Houses of the Consortium
The Paladin Consortium is comprised of a number of "Houses", each one named after a system we occupy.  Following are very brief outlines of each House.

To The Andhrim, Andhrimi is still a powerhouse of technological innovation. However, because of its wealth and advanced technologies, the system was often invaded, hence the original Paladin presence.

Every society has its rebels and undesirables; those not accepted by the mainstream. The Isisi are a mix of life’s more “interesting” lifestyles.

It is often said that if you want a job started with enthusiasm ask a Phoenician, but if you ever want that job finished ask someone else. It's not that the Phoenicians don't care - they care passionately - it's that they care passionately about everything.

The Nabateans are one of the most successful Houses in the Consortium.

While establishing the consortium, Nemet was the centre of operations. The military headquarters from those early days, Gwynn Keep, remains today

It is difficult to summarise the Qarats without seeming impolite. In a way their House is one focused on commerce, but it is usually commerce that the authorities would like to know more about.

The Segovites are a mystery.

The Tavgan are religiously law abiding, and expect nothing less from those they encounter. They are known for their zero tolerance approach to any sort of crime.

We encourage every member to do the things they enjoy, and we provide opportunity to learn new skills and trades. We ask members to share their knowledge with other members of the group, helping each other to experience everything in the game. 

We foster active participation here on Inara and mostly on Discord, as well as in-game to promote camaraderie with our members.

Everyone here has a voice... If an idea makes sense we implement... 

Whether our members are on PC/MAC or XB1, we all work together to support each other and our minor faction, as well as our allies.

Visit us at

In order to ensure cohesiveness and a certain level of participation and involvement within the group, you must be 18 years or older.

We look forward to serving with you!

Paladin: "A person who actively supports or favours a cause..."


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Bellessar795RangerFederal Corvette
Solomon WoodroffeRanger---------PC
Juless1026TrailblazerViper Mk IV---------XBox
Explode317PeddlerImperial Eagle---------XBox
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