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About Outlander Flight Wing

OFW Lore

The year is 3303 and the bubble is still recovering from the death of Salomé, the young Senator Loren’s daughter who was murdered by a bounty hunter called the Besieger. In these volatile times a young but experienced commander named Skinwalker, rising through the military ranks and tired of fighting another man’s fights, decided to stand up and carve his own path in the chaos that fills this universe. Together with his loyal wingman Spierzy they claimed a small part of space on the edges of the bubble. It was here, in HIP 1742, that the Outlander Flight Wing, a wing of freedom, was born. Word spread throughout the bubble that they managed to establish their faction at one of the planetary outposts. With more and more pilots, young and old, experienced and rookies, joining their ranks civil unrest grew and it didn’t take long for the ruling HIP 1742 Empire Group to declare a war against this young wing.

What they didn’t expect was that several weathered warriors like Steve_m32 had pledged allegiance to Cmdr Skinwalker and Master at Arms Spierzy, and this trio’s lead both seasoned and rookie pilots to victory. The Empire Group was defeated within days. Finally, OFW had found a place for themselves amongst the stars in HIP 1742. Here they have regrouped and rearmed. But space dust never settles and these tumultuous times created tensions within the wing. On a late evening at the bar of the Aisling Inn, an arguement between 2 wing members occured and one of the commanders, Cmdr Spierzy, stormed out. He boarded the Conquistador, a Federal Corvette class vessel and boosted out of the station. It was clear he was going to pick a fight.

He nor his Corvette was ever seen again. Some say he joined the Fuel rats, others say he went out to fight the Thargoids. But Void Opal miners visiting Davies vision still claim they can hear his Scottish battle cries just before they crack open an asteroid. At this moment Cmdr Steve_32 stood up, trying to fill the gap left behind and became 2nd in command, joined by The Marshal, a mysterious pilot rumoured to have roots all the way back to the ancient Earth Ottoman Empire, it is also rumoured The Marshall was a former member of the Ottoman Brotherhood of Assassins, but that is a story for another day. Cmdr Skinwalker now flanked by 2 experienced experts in warfare decided it was time for expansion. This lead to the take over of several neighbouring systems where they brought order to chaos and opulence to all!

Yet, “the call of the black” never left Cmdr Skinwalker. He always considered himself more an explorer of worlds than a conqueror of worlds. He already went on a quest to find Raxxla, explored the secrets of the Formidine Rift and travelled to the centre of the universe more than any of his wing. So when fellow wingman and explorer Cmdr WesULVD asked him to join the 2nd Distant World Expedition he knew he had to go. The call was simply too strong. Handing over command of OFW in the capable hands of Cmdr Steve_32, he boarded his Anaconda Class exploration vessel The Dizzy Moon, saluted his wing once more and set off for an expedition he knew was going to take months to complete.

Cmdr Skinwalker and Cmdr WesULVD split up during the expedition and were supposed to meet up at a bar in the newly build starport Explorer’s Anchorage at the center of the galaxy. After 3 weeks of waiting it became clear to Cmdr WesULVD that something must have happened. The last he heard from Cmdr Skinwalker was a distorted radio transmission saying he was on his way to investigate a signal inside a Caeruleum Lagrange Cloud. Many have tried to reach him but no trace was found.

Is his transmitter simply damaged or did Cmdr Skinwalker finally find his match as these clouds are known for their fierce electrical storms. Or did he finally find Raxxla? The only certainty is that the Outlander Flight Wing will be lead safe under Cmdr Steve_32’s command should Cmdr Skinwalker return from the black...

Squadron info

Name: Outlander Flight Wing
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Steve_oneill
    Members: 12
    Ships: 92
    Supporters: 6
    Squadron age: 624 days

    In coalition with:


    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    Steve_oneillEliteFederal Corvette
    Entegre95EliteImperial Cutter
    Skinwalker_42EliteFederal Corvette---------PS4
    Insan3k1ll3rsEliteFederal Corvette
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