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About Justicar's of Helios

We Are the Justicar's of Helios

Welcome to the Justicar's of Helios Inara page! Grammar is optional.

The Justicar's of Helios is one of the most active multi-platform factions on Elite: Dangerous. We were founded by our leadership Triumvirate on August 29th, 3301 (2015), on as the official faction for the Bungie community. After several months, we switched to discord to join the rest of the community, while escaping the limitations of We are an associate member faction of the Border Coalition, and a prominent faction in the EliteOne discord server. We are independent from all superpowers and Power Play factions, and welcome everyone from all backgrounds, although we are primarily American and European.

What's Your Deal?

Our deal is that we're a bit of a mixed bag, especially when it comes to being a structured faction. We are best known for our memes. We make them, and then we make more. We are relentless in our brazen nature. We have a strong sense of identity that comes from our weird and notably different culture, and play to enjoy the game. If you're a casual, laid-back player that wants to wing up with friends and have a good time, we are absolutely the faction for you.

However, we also partake in the activities that you'd expect of an in-game faction. We operate our own Background Simulation, or BGS, out of our home system of 27 Kappa Persei (which we just call Kappa. It's a decent system). We have a group of very knowledgeable players with expertise in every facet of the game, from making money and rank, to engineering, to BGS manipulation, to mining. I'm not joking. We have a guy that only mines. We also have several members that are very interested in PvP. If you're against PvP, because you see it as non-consensual [censored] (I don't know if I can swear in this thing), then we'll still accept you, but I'd be lying if I said we wouldn't be a little disappointed. If you are a serious player that wants to join a faction with legitimate goals, we are the faction for you.

You Obviously Want To Join. Here's How.

Fortunately for you, joining JoH is super easy. Simply click here. That's just a blue underlined word. It's not a hyperlink. Actually select the giant orange box on the right-hand side that says "JOIN THIS WING."
After that, type your discord ID into the comment box (i.e. MathBlaster#6969), and we'll send you a link to our server. If you don't use discord, catch up to 2018, make an account, and then send us your ID. It's what we use for all of our communication.

If you're still on the bubble about joining, check out our sweet, sweaty propaganda below:

Note: We had a girl again, but then she left, so we're back to not having a girl again.

Squadron info

Name: Justicar's of Helios
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Hdog4511
    Members: 57
    Ships: 207
    Supporters: 5
    Squadron age: 1580 days
    Headquarters: 27 Kappa Persei
    Minor faction: Justicar's of Helios

    In coalition with:

    Latest squadron members

    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    Pariah919Mostly Aimless---------XBox
    BeefaliciousEntrepreneurAsp Explorer---------XBox
    MasterStrampeDealerAsp Explorer---------
    Bad4assesEliteFederal Corvette---------XBox
    Shiny DewottEliteImperial Cutter
    Tyrion SwansonPathfinderFer-de-Lance---------XBox
    Fox_Sports_DETPathfinderFederal Assault Ship---------PS4
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