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About Aid - The Allies

Aid - The Allies are a group of independent pilots that rose from the Quivira War. We literally followed the call for "aid" and rescued hundreds if not thousands of refugees. A few days later we united to support the Alliance of Independent Systems and those in need in the name of freedom and justice. Today we are running one of the most successful corporations in the northern bubble, the Perez Ring Brewery, which is currently the most populous faction in the galaxy. Our famous Perez Beer helps us to fund the good fight whenever and wherever necessary. In 3302, the largest attack on the Alliance since the insurrection of Alioth has forced us into a defensive war against the Federation, which has been won within weeks. But that's only one of many victories in which our group participated.

Our Activities
  • Our first and most important priority is to maintain freedom and justice within our sphere of influence.
    • We keep our home system safe from threats like pirates.
    • We defend the Alliance and it's members against any kind of aggressor.
    • We try to help those in need, wherever they may be.
  • We play the Background Simulation by supporting our own minor faction, the Perez Ring Brewery.
    • We run missions for the PRB, we trade, sell exploration data and hand in bounty vouchers.
    • We gather informations and aim to expand precisely into systems that suffer under their current government.
    • By doing so, we achieved to became the most populous faction in the galaxy.
  • We participate in Powerplay and help Prime Minister Edmund Mahon to maintain and expand his bubble.
    • Our members have no obligation to pledge to Mahon, though most of us are willing to support him despite little personal benefits.
  • We attend Community Goals and other events, and we do all the stuff that makes ED interesting.
    • Currently we even think about organizing an own event, details are classified.
  • Our operations and activities are often introduced with some roleplay, because it's more fun if there's a story behind whatever we're doing.
  • We are active in terms of diplomacy and strategy to form that kind of galaxy we'd like to live in.
  • We try to have fun.

Our Group
What makes us different to the other groups? Glad you asked! First at all, we're not an open group, we choose our members just like they choose us. But we're also not an elite club - the requirements to join us are actually quite low. We have Elite ranked members and mostly harmless rookies, parents and students, bounty hunters, traders, explorers - you name it.

The only rules are: Don't do piracy and don't be a jerk. Since we're an Alliance group we primarily want independent and Alliance pilots to join us, although we all raise our Federal or Imperial rank from time to time (for shiny new ships that ultimately help the cause).

The most important thing is that we want to get along well with each other. Our group is grassroots democratic, in fact there are no real leaders, and therefore it's important for us to have common goals and similar ways to play. This is why we talk to people before accepting their join request.

And this makes us maybe one of the most authentic groups in the bubble.

Members:>50 (German-speaking)
Flying in:Mostly open play, sometimes private group (ELITEDANGEROUS.DE)
Roles:Any except piracy
Allegiance:Alliance of Independent Systems
Power:Prime Minister Edmund Mahon
Minor Faction:Perez Ring Brewery (Alliance)

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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Captain_KirbyEliteFederal Corvette
Goba [Aid]EliteKrait MkII
HimmelslaeuferEliteFederal Corvette
Ulon [Aid]TycoonAlliance Chieftain
SvenatorEliteFederal Corvette
Aaron WynterMasterFer-de-Lance
Bill Dampier [Aid]EliteAnaconda
CodenameFuchsEliteFederal Corvette
DanjouEliteFederal Corvette
Ellen Louise RipleyEliteImperial Cutter
EludesEliteFederal Corvette
NaliLPDealerCobra Mk III---------PC
ShienpohDeadlyFederal Corvette
Stopo McCampetTycoon---------PC
VoltmeterRangerAsp Explorer
Gorosch StrykerElite---------PC
R3dPhoenixEliteKrait MkII
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