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About Knights that say Ni

Knights that say Ni are the Armed Wing of Pranav Antal.

We support Utopians in need and favourable factions in Utopian space.

We promote peace and harmony by Enforcement when necessary!
If you have a problem, if nobody else can help, (or even if they can, we'll be better) and if you can find us (oh look, you've just done that) maybe you can hire or join, the miscreants and misquotes from the Knights that say Ni.

Discord channel is

Squadron code is KTSN in Elite Dangerous

Squadron info

Knights that say Ni are a Pranav Antal group of players

Name: Knights that say Ni
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Pranav Antal
Language: English


In-game squadron name:
  • PCKnights that say Ni [KTSN]

Squadron commander: AKA*Hawk*
Members: 2
Ships: 29
Supporters: 4
Squadron age: 361 days
Headquarters: NLTT 53690
Minor faction: Knights that say Ni

In coalition with: