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About Alliance Wolfpack Division

Alliance Wolfpack Division

Logo and Banner made by MAD7 of The Galactic Archives

The Alliance Wolfpack Division is looking for pilots, Both new and old that wish to join a Player Faction that will happily help you remember or learn new things about the game.

What we do: The Alliance Wolfpack Division does pretty much anything in the game, We have members devoted to mining and teaching members the ropes, Just as much as we have members devoted to combat and trading.

Who we are: The Alliance Wolfpack Division started from the the goal and ambition of working with the Alliance of Independents while looking for a new home to call our own. the Alliance Wolfpack Division is to think of it a Mercenary Company/ Private Security Company.

How we play: The Alliance Woldpack Division is a mixture of casual gaming for the most part mixed in with more hardcore pushes if its needed. We don't enforce a mandatory amount of time a week to play the game, All we do is ask that our members help when they can where they can. Even two missions can assist us in the long run.

Our Ranks: In the Alliance Wolfpack Division we have ranks spanning from "Recruit" which simply means you have joined the Alliance Wolfpack Division on Inara, The in game Squadron and Discord. To Vice Admiral and Admiral given to the most deserving members. And of course Fleet Admiral given to the leader.

How to rank up: The easiest way to rank up in the Alliance Wolfpack Division is to work for the faction or help recruit new members, The more work or recruiting you do the higher your rank in the IMC will be.


The PC Division of Alliance Wolfpack Division is commanded by Admiral Archon Noxus, Vice Admiral BrainSplatt, Rear Admiral Pali13 and Vice Admiral Talsar Geldon.


When you have requested to join the Alliance Wolfpack Division, Our Command Staff will do a check to make sure you have Requested to join the Inara, In game Squadron and Discord. Once all three of these have been confirmed we will grant you the Role of Navy and enlist you into our Ranks as a Recruit.

Anti Xeno Squadron

The Alliance Wolfpack Division' Anti Xeno Squadron is a small but effective team, They are deployed to all Alliance systems that fall under attack, As well as all Allied Squadrons systems that fall under attack. We do not force people to do AX, And it is strictly a volunteer action.

What We Do

The Alliance Wolfpack Division with the Alliance as a beacon of hope in the darkness of the void for all commanders to find. We aim to not oppress people and force them to do things they don't want to do. While also working towards a common goal of expanding our faction.

How To Join

If you wish to join the Alliance Wolfpack Division Family. Albeit a slightly dysfunctional crazy family you need to request to join us here on Inara. Request to join the in game squadron by searching for it on your squadron panel "Alliance Wolfpack Division" and join our Discord server []Alliance Wolfpack Division Discord Server[/url]


1: Elite Dangerous is only a game, Real Life is the main importance so if you need to take a break please do so, Also we do not condone any attacks on people In Real Life over a video game.
2: Do not Grief other pilots. We see griefing as attacking another pilot unprovoked and constantly attacking the same pilot over multiple times.
3: Do not Combat Log. Combat Logging is a crime in our eyes and we will not stand for anybody in our ranks combat logging this along side griefing will lead to you being removed from the Alliance Wolfpack Division with extreme prejudice.
4: No friendly Fire. Our Allies and our own pilots fly with their own IFF [Identify Friend or Foe] Tags allowing us to see them in super cruise.

Squadron info

Name: Alliance Wolfpack Division
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvERoleplayRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedDevoted/hardcoreBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCAlliance Wolfpack Division [AWSV]

Squadron commander: Archon Noxus (Backup)
Members: 3
Ships: 11
Supporters: 5
Squadron age: 338 days

In coalition with: