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About Balkan Intergalactic Guerilla

Who are we?
We are warriors  in the faith of the Old Gods and we defend our home with utmost tenacity. Anyone who considers attacking us should first check what happened to our "former" enemies Winters Wolves...

Our way to do things: Respond swiftly with disproportionate force...

We are members of Imperial High Command. We co-operate closely with majority of imperial groups who are members of IHC.
Most of our pilots are pledged to our Emperor Arissa Lavigny Duval, although they are free to choose any Imperial power.

Our goals
  1. To take guerilla warfare to Federation.
  2. To patrol and defend the military frontier of the Empire (ALD vs Winters) - as our brave fore-fathers did on Earth of old
  3. To expand BIG minor faction
  4. To assist our Imperial Allies in our fight against the Federation

Our diplomacy
As a non-democratic society the highest obligatory act for us is our word, not a resolution. All the decisions are made by the Council of Slavic Elders who seek guidance from our Gods. They meet in the sacred woods of our home planet.

Alliances and enemies
We are allies with Emperors Grace, White Templars and Dark Armada.
We are on friendly terms with ROA (Ronin of Amark).
We are at war with Felicia Winters, or what remains of them.

Joining the Clan and living in the Glory of Perun
Even if you are not of old Balkan Descent you can join the Clan by proving your worth and be granted tribal ascension by the old Gods, following the Elder Council.
Demonstrate your faith by joining the Balkan Intergalactic Guerilla Tribal Forum.

May Perun give us wisdom and might.

May Dziewona provide us with a variety of hunting grounds.

May Triglav give us courage and strength in war.

Squadron info

Name: Balkan Intergalactic Guerilla
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPRelaxed/casualOpenPrivate groupSoloExplorersPiratesTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCBalkan Intergalactic Guerilla [BIGG]

Squadron commander: Sovereign of B.I.G. Elder Council
Members: 14
Ships: 103
Supporters: 5
Squadron age: 1482 days

In coalition with:


CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Sovereign of B.I.G. Elder CouncilElite---------
Argonaut ProxiDeadlyPython
Daniel ShamanEliteAnaconda---------PC
Ozren ZagmesterEliteFer-de-Lance
Gerila_OiEliteImperial Clipper---------PC
Gigi DashaEntrepreneurAnaconda---------PC
GordiDangerousFederal Assault Ship---------PC
NemmroEntrepreneurKrait MkII
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