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About 13th Legion


We are an Imperial military PvP wing. We originally started as Aisling’s 13th Legion, the military for the Prismatic Imperium player group, before expanding coverage to the entire Empire. As result of our expanded coverage, we are no longer a part of the Prismatic Imperium, but still consider them friends and allies. Our home base was in Cubeo, however, in order to stay mobile for a fight anywhere in the empire, we have set up various staging points through out human populated space.

Our main focus is the defense of Imperial systems from hostile CMDR’s.  We set up forward operating bases in each sector of Imperial space for rapid deployment of combat vessels. Lately, with the Federation becoming more aggressive, we have been taking the fight to anyone who supports the Federation. We also will keep order in the Empire itself, and will not hesitate to destroy traitors to the Empire.

Our pilots are some of the best PvP pilots in the game, and we can organize several wings to crush terrorists, traitors, and especially Federation sympathizers. Due to our hardline stance, we have many enemies, but, if not for us, the Empire would be as weak as the Federation and that will not stand on our watch.

We have been in GalNet News, Sidewinder Radio news, unofficial GalNet News, radio interviews, and have countless articles in Facebook and Reddit. Our pilots have participated in: the New Caribbean Pirate Wars, the 34 Pegasi Wars, the Siege on Lembava, the Blockade of Nanomam, The Blockade of Segovan, the Joint Imperial Offensive against Winters, and many other battles.

It doesn't matter if you're new to PvP. Our most veteran members (Nightshady, Exclusiive, Rambo the 13th, UnrealJay and Egmont) are some of the most well-respected and experienced PvP’ers in the galaxy. We have trained over one hundred CMDR’s to be good at PvP, and are willing to work with anyone of any skill level to know about proper ship selection, proper loadouts, and the flying skills needed to be a lethal combat pilot.

If you are a veteran PvP'er, we can get you in the action as soon as you want, as our group does PvP every single day. We can offer you PvP with a purpose – defending the glorious Empire, and we can offer even the most seasoned pilots some tips to improve their skills. We can offer leadership positions if desired.

We do regular training sessions as often as possible, as well as impromptu dueling for practice. We believe training is the key to good skills on the battlefield. We also do fun events, like Viper or Sidewinder free-for-all battles in asteroid belts or at Fed stations. We also oppose or defend CG"s, as well as blockade enemy systems.

We use a private Discord for communication and voice comms,

Our only requirement is loyalty to the Empire and pledging to any Imperial group (Aisling, ALD, Patreus, Torval). You can be a member of another player group and be a part of the 13th Legion. Our training missions, patrols, and combat response are voluntary and not mandatory.

We look forward to standing beside you on the field of battle in the defense of Imperial systems and opposition of enemy wings.

There is only EMPIRE!

To gain discord access, submit a join request and add one of the following CMDRs: Nightshady, Exclusiive, Rambo the 13th, or Egmont in game. After confirming your identity you will be given an invite link.

Recruitment is: OPEN

Squadron info

Name: 13th Legion
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Nightshady
    Members: 101
    Ships: 726
    Supporters: 39
    Squadron age: 1493 days

    In coalition with:

    Latest squadron members

    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    GabbatekEliteImperial Cutter---------PC
    CMDR DameonElite
    Cmdr B4rnesEliteDiamondback Explorer
    ERAD 'The Reckless'EliteFederal Assault Ship
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