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IP3X is a small group of relaxed pilots who play Elite: Dangerous to relax and have some fun. We don't apply undue pressure on our members and there is no requirement for specific activity levels or participation in all group events. We do things when we want, where we want. If you have a family, job or other real life commitments and can only play once every two weeks, that is absolutely fine with us. The average age of our Leadership is ~40 years old, so this isn't a group for teenagers.

We do request that our members use our Discord and can be contacted relatively easily as the whole idea of our group is that we help other members when they need it. It is there where group activities are mentioned and where people would discuss the game in general. Think of it as a permanent Elite: Dangerous chat with a bunch of like-minded (and slightly crazy) people.

We engage in almost all in-game activities and are always happy to try new ones, but we primarily play in Private & PvE. We very happily help people with builds, advice, mentoring, acquiring credits, completing missions, combat and anything else.

Minor Player Faction & BGS

A lot of the activity in IP3X is surrounding our player faction, IP3X Corporation. You will see some of our veteran members knee-deep in the Elite: Dangerous background simulation, manipulating elections, fighting civil wars and always looking to expand the influence and number of assets of our faction. This opens up a whole new world and perspective of the game - it's way easier than you think and we've made it incredibly accessible for new players by providing them the tools and information needed to understand what to do and how to do it.

In a game such as Elite, having a long-term goal is both incredibly rewarding and gives you a central point of activity. We're always looking for new pilots who want to help and learn and we're steadily growing the number of stations and systems our faction owns. We'd love you to be a part of this!

This is an entirely optional part of squadron membership, but one we strongly encourage you at least try. You might find something you love!

  • Please note that this is a strictly 18+ squadron.
  • The use of a microphone or at least the ability to 'listen' is something we only request during group activities in-game. You're welcome to hang out any time and there's usually someone around to talk to - but this isn't required outside Wing operations.
  • To make group play easier, we do ask that you 'move' to our Home System (Turir, Brooks Terminal) and operate your fleet from there - we're a small group and being in relative proximity on a more regular basis just makes life easier. Our home base offers a great variety of services and is conveniently located.
  • Joining our squadron in-game, on Discord and on Inara are all required for obvious reasons. We can't organise a group if you're not part of it!
  • Besides this, there are no specific requirements, we accept anyone of any skill level and work on the basis that we can simply remove individuals who don't know how to behave/interact with other human beings. We very much value the atmosphere within our group and we'll get rid of anyone who risks putting the enjoyment of the wider group at risk. We have a strictly no drama policy to maintain this.

How to Join IP3X?

In #public_chat on Discord type !join


We very much welcome questions prior to joining, so feel free to jump on our Discord and message us. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Squadron info

Allegiance: Empire
Power: Denton Patreus
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (London)

PvERelaxed/casualFamily/mixedPrivate groupBounty huntersExplorersMentorsMinersTraders

In-game squadron name:

Squadron commander: Evil Tactician
Members: 74
Ships: 503
Supporters: 1
Squadron age: 192 days
Headquarters: Turir [Brooks Terminal]
Minor faction: IP3X Corporation

In coalition with:

Latest squadron members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Dorian's CurseElite---------PC
WaternooseEliteAlliance Challenger
Paul Atreides IVSurveyor---------PC
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