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Origin Story

Following the death of CMDR Carbonheart, Iridium Wing was created by CMDR WinterCharm on January 29, 3302 as a group of combat-oriented CMDRs with one goal in mind... To safely escort returning explorers home, whether it be in the Sol or Colonia Bubbles

The Reddit post that put the wheels in motion: S***. (Blown up by NPC after returning from the core.)

Returning from the core from a 6-month exploration trip in my Diamondback Explorer, no SRV since I started my trip before Horizons launched. Don't get to play a huge amount, so making it to the core was a big accomplishment. Have a glass of Lavian brandy on my dashboard for celebration. Anyways, coming back into the bubble, pretty excited to see civilization again. Jumped into the first inhabited system I see, and only 500 light seconds from a little mining outpost I get interdicted (playing in solo, so not too worried.) I figure, no big deal, I'll just submit, boost out and be fine. This did not happen. I started getting absolutely chewed up by whatever NPC is tailing me. Shields down in no time, 75% hull and my FSD is at 50%. hull down to 30%, FSD almost charged... SHIP DESTROYED. I'm in disbelief. I got rekt right when I was a breath from home, and by an NPC. Looks like it was an Imperial Clipper, judging by the ship that just flew through my blasted remains. It would have been way better had it been a CMDR in open. I just.... I mean.... F***. Why NPC Clipper, why? [sips Lavian Brandy] Here's to you, my fellow Explorers.

Official Announcements:
Announcing the Iridium Wing - an Explorer Fighter Escort Service!
[PSA] Iridium Wing is operational as of today. Explorers, Welcome Home!

Mission Statement

  • We offer explorers this service free-of-charge with no expectation of gifts, mats, commodities, etc.
  • We employ organized, professional, and well developed escort tactics which have proven safe and effective in providing explorers with the best security that only the longest running premiere security force can provide.
  • We have a fleet of combat ready pilots and aggressively outfitted ships trained extensively in our procedures and tactics, ready to serve as your escort wing home.
  • We are led by experienced pilots who have been operating on missions since the early days of the Pilots Federation.
  • We hold NO allegiances to any power, faction (outside our own), or group while on missions, though each individual CMDR is free to follow the path of their choosing outside of our missions.

We also have an EDSM Guild if you have an account there and care to join.


All Testimonials are pulled from our Discord server, under Testimonials, where they are publicly available for anyone to read. Below are just a few of the highlights, included here with no editing or changes (excluding the use of hyperlinks).

From CMDR wild_dog:
Made a trip out to the Formadine Rift to capture the audio logs of the Zurara. Got a ton of exploration data along the way. Once i got back near the bubble, i called in their help to get me to jameson memorial and my corvette safely. Helped me on short notice (1 day, though they prefer 2 days or more so they can coördinate with acailable pilots). Got a quick bit of help sourcing for a shield and on we went! It was awsome meeting the guys and i got some nice video material from it! Mission_404_PC: mission title not found.

From CMDR extremecheese:
These guys are fantastic!. I was returning from Beagle point in a T9 and my escorts were CMDR foreverN00B and CMDR Sclooch who turned up to escort me despite my arrival at the RP some 10 hours early. They were extremely patient (I'd never formed a wing before) and a pleasure to fly with, I'll even go so far to say that it's been the best experience I've had in Elite dangerous since owning the game. What more can I say? home safe.. chaff in the air.. quite simply it was so sweet to touch down after so long and to share it with others! Keep up the good work

From CMDR HexCube:
I have to say, if you're a returning explorer, fearful of what could happen when you return to the bubble. If you're worried about pirates, or the growing Thargoid threat. There is no better group to turn to than the Iridium Wing. I was escorted from just outside the bubble to three separate stations, by none other than @foxy  (CMDR YXOF), CMDR @Sarius Aeronaut  , and CMDR @TrekkerVE . If you want an escort done right, call in these guys. Call in the Iridium wing. My particular escort went off mostly without a hitch. Despite Elite being the most unstable I have ever had it, on the day - both for myself and the other commanders - Foxy, Sarius and Trekker got me to each of my 3 destinations both safely and professionally, and even though we were interdicted along the way, each of them was ready to attack the Federal Navy ship to defend me - all within seconds (though, thankfully they didn't - none of us particularly desired a rebuy screen when there was no real threat ) There were some good laughs along the way, of course. Between technical issues, and myself not being able to provide a more accurate escort time than "I'm free right now, can we do it?", my escort went off without any issues. 100 Million credits in profits later, and rolling in a brand new (yet to be properly engineered) Python, I have these guys to thank. If you need an escort, the Iridium Wing is the ONLY choice. No competitor is superior. o7 CMDRs.

From CMDR Persera:
Took a little longer to get to it, but finally posted my account of my escort, (and the last leg of my journey)

Thanks again to @Sclooch , @TrekkerVE  and Doc Doco Lentzo for the the smoothest final leg anyone could hope for.

From CMDR HuntressV:
I really enjoyed the trip in. It was one of the smoothest reentries into the bubble I've had.
The mix of professionalism and fun was very refreshing and it rubbed off allowing me to really enjoy every moment of it. I hope my 29mill credit donation to IW's BGS systems goes far and helps them maintain a foothold within the galaxy for years to come.

From CMDR Macedonica:
After 2 years deep in the black, and piloting a humble Lakon Type 6, I finally reached the edge of Colonia and asked for Iridium Wing to escort me in.  What followed was consummate professionalism: Cmdr Ian Doncaster arranged a RV and then talked me through the escorted flight in.  While perhaps not as dangerous as a return to the Bubble, to someone like me who has been out in the void since before the Engineers update (hell, I don't even have a ship name plate!), it was quite nerve-wracking. But I needn't have worried. The run was smooth and handled with ease.  Of course I pranged the Lakon Type  6 in the mail slot - how could I not? But that was all on me. Seriously though give IW a shout if you need an escort. It's worth it.

From CMDR Chakkoty:
ItI was escorted by CMDR BrainProtest and CMDR John "Mirage" Preston after spending the weekend in the dark on my second exploration trip. They were very professional and the set up was quickly done. We rearranged the RV time so more pilots could attent, but that wasn't a problem at all.
I was provided with all the information needed and felt very safe during the trip - Idirium Wing will act with extreme caution that may seem overkill to some, but it made me feel that i was in th best hands.
Looking forward to using IWs services again on my next deep space trip!

Greetings and best wishes, CMDR Chakkoty

From CMDR Tough_Galoot:
I was escorted by CMDRs Doc Lentz, Easy Glider and Sarius Aeronaut on my return to the bubble from the Enigma Expedition to Colonia. Didn't encounter any trouble but they were extremely patient and professional while not being overly serious. Will definitely be calling IW in the future.

Thanks again and fly safe! - CMDR Tough_Galoot [Fuel Rat]


Transcribed from Obsidian Ant's video, found here:
Iridium Wing is currently looking for new clients and new recruits. Now, if you've never heard of Iridium Wing before, they're actually one of the most famous groups out there and perhaps, in many respects, offer one of the most important services out there. The goal is to safeguard explorers and their data in high-risk situations, which basically means as you've been out on your long-range exploration trip and you're on your way back to the bubble or Colonia then Iridium Wing will escort you back to a secure station. The escort also comes fully armed with capable PvP fighters and the service is also entirely free of charge. Iridium Wing are available on PC, Xbox, as well as PlayStation 4, so if it's a service you're interested in or something you'd like to help out with then do check out the links in the video description below where you can find out a whole bunch of more information.

Squadron info

Following the death of CMDR Carbonheart, Iridium Wing was created by CMDR WinterCharm on January 29, 3302 as a group of combat-oriented CMDRs with one goal in mind... To safely escort returning explorers home, whether it be in the Sol or Colonia Bubbles

Name: Iridium Wing
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPRoleplayOpenBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsHumanitarian aid providers

In-game squadron name:
  • PCIridium Wing [IRDM]
  • XBoxIridium Wing [IRDM]
  • PS4Iridium Wing [IRDM]

Squadron commander: WinterCharm
Members: 51
Ships: 460
Supporters: 31
Squadron age: 1414 days
Headquarters: Ki [Binet Port]
Minor faction: Iridium Wing

In coalition with:

Latest squadron members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Syloom08EliteAlliance Chieftain
Ha5hEliteFederal Corvette
JakerockPioneerFederal Corvette---------PC
RedPandaExpressEliteAsp Explorer
Jdphillips94PeddlerViper Mk III---------
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