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About Leviathan Shipyards Corps

Leviathan Shipyards Corps Founded Admiral Victor Ross of the Sons system in 3302 in an attempt to bring together the best pilots in the alliance together. In the hopes of creating an elite force with the best equipment and courage to achieve the impossible with the resources of Victors own personal Leviathan shipyard and mining operations.

Everyone has the freedom to go and do as they wish but only to remember that this is thier Home even though they travel far away thier Homes will be waiting for thier return.

For Hearth and Home.

New Applicants Welcome.

Squadron info

Name: Leviathan Shipyards Corps
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Edmund Mahon
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Levianova
    Members: 8
    Ships: 44
    Supporters: 4
    Squadron age: 1157 days
    Headquarters: Sons [Ross Enterprise]
    Minor faction: Leviathan Shipyards Corps
    Supporting: Ouroboros Holdings Corps

    In coalition with: