Community goals

Protecting Traders in Zlota
06 Dec 3304

Zlota [Nusslein-Volhard Settlement]
Hand in Bounty Vouchers
Cult Requests Rare Commodities
06 Dec 3304

Zlota [Nusslein-Volhard Settlement]
Deliver Aganippe Rush, Motrona Experience Jelly and Onion Head


ZethG / today
Evil Neutron "The Star That Almost Killed Me"

System : Prae Eaec FK-R d4-79 I have been piloting spacecraft since I got my first Sidewinder at my younger years. I piloted almost every ship ever built. And since then, I maybe scooped more than a thousand neutron stars. Today the worst thing ever could happen, just happened. I am in the...

LongDistanceClara / today
The Andromeda Run - December :)

Last update: 10th December Day 9: Stupid-o-meter (light years): //Some random blorp about Remloks (I remember having a natter about suits with one of the lore types ages ago and thought since it was just a quick log, I'd stuff some rambling in :) ) I've noticed the logbook list is absolutely...

Thunktone / yesterday
Time to ring some changes?

3304 December 09, Sunday 18:12 A pattern seems to be emerging from GalNet reports. There's some sort of military treaty between the superpowers that's coming to an end on Tuesday. The full details of the treaty were never made public but it has something to do with containment of battles in designated...

Andrew Linton / yesterday
CCC3 - part 12, Eagle's Landing

Our next waypoint on the route to Gandharvi is in the Eagle Sector, an outpost called Eagle's Landing. We deep-dive below the galactic plane in order to avoid those in the convoy whose aim is to block our mission. We've been attacked twice, at Hillary Depot and Amundsen Terminal. We become explorers...

Varancar / yesterday
Expedition Exodus: Exploration Log 4 (Postscript)

A Journal of the Preceedings on the Tranquility, a Voyage toward Bernard's Loop, by Commander Varancar As I pulled into the dock of van Royen Vision in my limping ship, my senses were assailed with overwhelming lights and sounds. It is so easy to forget the hustle and bustle in the bubble when you are...
Uncertain Warrior
The Evil Eye
08 Dec 3304
Giving up
08 Dec 3304
Making life more interesting
07 Dec 3304
Scouting In Maia
07 Dec 3304
14 beers at chili's
06 Dec 3304
Halfway Home to Colonia
06 Dec 3304
Sky Motion

Galnet news

08 Dec 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

Two corporations have merged to form one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the galaxy. Allied Medical Industries has united with Neosalve Inc. to create Neomedical Industries, which will sell drugs, equipment and services to both Alliance and independent systems.

Independent company Vitadyne Labs has developed new pharmaceuticals that use nanoscale materials to repair cell damage on a molecular level. The company claims the nanomeds can heal injury in a fraction of the normal time, and even slow the ageing process. The Interstellar Health Organisation is reviewing the new medicines.

Nova Imperium has revealed its choice for Emperor – an eighteen year old man named Hadrian Augustus Duval. The group claims that Duval is the grandson of former emperor Hengist Duval, and that he has a legitimate claim to the Imperial throne. The group’s leader, Imperator Mordanticus, has called for Hadrian to replace Arissa Lavigny-Duval.

Journalist Gethin Okonkwo has commented on the Far God outposts found in the Etain system, saying that the logs recovered from the outposts illustrated how the faith attracted people from varied backgrounds. Okonkwo also said that the book he is writing with Dr Alfred Ulyanov would reveal much about the Far God religion.

An obscure cult based in the Zlota system has requested a range of rare items for an arcane ceremony. A handwritten statement from Barnabas Cole, leader of a group named the Children of Tothos, elaborated on the nature of the ceremony. Zlota Federal Holdings, which is thought to have some connection to the cult, is overseeing the initiative.

Finally, a goodwill initiative from the Achilles Corporation has concluded. Chairman Gus Weaver of Achilles confirmed that the company had acquired enough commodities to manufacture replacements for the robots destroyed in the wake of the spy robot scandal. He also reminded consumers that the surveillance program at the heart of the scandal was safely deleted by the company’s latest coreware update.

And those are the main stories this week.

08 Dec 3304
Mysteries of the Far God

Journalist Gethin Okonkwo has discussed the abandoned Far God cult outposts in the Etain system:

“During my months undercover as a Far God worshipper, I heard only whispered rumours about secret outposts. So the existence of two such settlements, on Etain 4a and 4c, proves that much remained hidden from me.”

“The personal logs recovered from the outposts illustrate how the faith attracted people from varied backgrounds. I was astonished to hear the voice of a man with whom I once eagerly discussed the Far God’s arrival, never realising that he was a Federal agent whose devotion was as fake as my own.”

“The book I am co-writing with Dr Alfred Ulyanov will reveal much about the Far God religion, but it’s clear that many of its mysteries are yet to be uncovered.”

07 Dec 3304
Nova Imperium Unveils Figurehead

Isolationist group Nova Imperium has revealed its choice for Emperor – an eighteen year old man named Hadrian Augustus Duval.

The group’s leader, Imperator Mordanticus, broadcast this message:

“It is incumbent upon me to reveal that Hengist Duval fathered not one but two illegitimate children in his younger days. A few years before meeting Florence Lavigny, he had a brief affair with a slave in the Imperial household. When Hengist’s father discovered this, the matter was hushed up and the slave dismissed. The slave’s son went on to sire a child of his own: Hadrian Duval, grandson of Emperor Hengist Duval. Hadrian was unaware of this until we located him and genetically confirmed his lineage.”

“Arissa Lavigny-Duval is a weak Emperor who must be removed. We call for Hadrian Duval to be recognised as the true heir to the throne!”

The Imperial Herald’s political journalist Cassia Carvalho observed:

“This announcement has shaken the Empire to its very foundations. Having Hadrian as a figurehead has rallied those hardliners more comfortable with the idea of a male Emperor. With a single stroke, Nova Imperium has gained considerable credibility and massively increased its support.”

07 Dec 3304
Cult Requests Rare Commodities

An obscure cult based in the Zlota system has requested a range of rare items for an arcane ceremony.

A handwritten statement from Barnabas Cole, leader of a group named the Children of Tothos, was submitted to the media:

“This is the rite that will unmask us and allow us to see the path – the path we will all take, together, toward freedom.”

Zlota Federal Holdings, which is thought to have some connection to the cult, has requested Aganippe Rush, Motrona Experience Jelly and Onion Head to be delivered to Nusslein-Volhard Settlement in the Zlota system. It has also placed a kill order on all ships on its wanted list, to protect those delivering these rare commodities.

The initiative begins on the 6th of December 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.


Humberto Fernández Morán

Humberto Fernández-Morán Villalobos (February 18, 1924 – March 17, 1999) was a Venezuelan research scientist born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, renowned for inventing the diamond knife or scalpel, significantly advancing the development of electromagnetic lenses for electron microscopy based on superconducting technology, and many other scientific contributions. A quick review of his oft-cited peer-reviewed publications in journals of science shows a wide range of scientific research interests, from elucidating mitochondrial membrane structure to compositional analyses of lunar rock obtained in the course of NASA's Apollo missions.

Dr. Fernández-Morán founded the Venezuelan Institute for Neurological and Brain Studies, the predecessor of the current Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC). He studied medicine at the University of Munich, where he graduated summa cum laude in 1944. He contributed to the development of the electron microscope and was the first person to use the concept of cryo-ultramicrotomy. After flying over Angel Falls in his home country of Venezuela he was inspired by the concept of the smoothly reoccurring flow system inherent in a waterfall to take his diamond knife invention and combine it with an ultramicrotome to dramatically improve the ultra-thin sectioning of electron microscopy samples. The ultramictrotome advances the rotating, drum-mounted specimen sample in such small increments (utilizing the very low thermal expansion coefficient of Invar) past the stationary diamond knife that sectioning thicknesses of several Angstrom units are possible. He also helped to advance the field of electron cryomicroscopy - the use of superconductive electromagnetic lenses cooled with liquid helium in electron microscopes to achieve the highest resolution possible - among many other research topics.

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