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With the books for September 3301 all accounted, CEO Argon Armrend of Wangal Energy Partners announced that the Imperial Corporation had met and exceeded all the KPIs assigned by Senator Patreus.

Armrend indicated that not only would the standard dividend of 0.085 CR a share be issued to all shareholders but a one off special dividend of 0.015 CR/share be issued as ”extra ordinary profit share”

This positive result not only reflects Armrend excellent management techniques but is also a personal Triumph for the CEO as the standard dividend was sufficient to Complete his contract ”I am a free citizen again, and this is only the beginning” Armrend was quoted as saying ”Which is where my newly registers Angeli Imperial Enterprises comes in”

When asked to elaborate on AIE Armrend replied “The Duvals Rule, The Senate Governs, but it is the citizens who make manifest the glory of the Empire. Unshackled from inevitable debt and burden they face, it is the small, the meek the humble, that will make the Empire shine greater than ever before. Angeli Imperial Enterprises is my tool, our tool, to bring this vision into reality.”
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