Community goals

Security for Year's End Festivities
12 Dec 3305

Reorte [Davies High]
Hand in Bounty Vouchers
Imports for Year's End Festivities
12 Dec 3305

Reorte [Davies High]
Deliver Fish, Fruit and Vegetables, Animal Meat, Beer, Lavian Brandy, Anduliga Fire Works and Eranin Pearl Whisky


StoneSoul / today
Personal Log #1

Ah its been a good week of wet work for some local corps having a little disagreements as of late. Fine by me sense there is not shortage of jobs to be had. Well I got to lay low on my kill jobs, ended up docking up at Atlmans Progress looking at some good old fashion smuggling. As for smuggling jobs...

Tzebra / today
Dinner Time

December 13, 3305 Ededleen 4, Ededleen system The previous day saw forty new head of cattle, on the new ranch. As the cow-hands began their business of tagging the new herd, I set about cooking a meal for everyone. Jorgan and Mauzipuh stayed busy, cleaning and preparing the ship for the next...

Tsunami_N / today
CT Tucanae Day 5, Cleanup

I knew something was amiss when Chief Watson came down herself at the first morning briefing.  I was with Gaudrork and more than a dozen  CT Tuc Boys pilots,   Gustavo was helping Harleen adjust Minotaur’s fighter printer parameters. The corvette had experienced some brutal overheat yesterday during...

Vel Eshti / yesterday
Pegasus Run 3305 - Test Flight

Day 53 I left Robbins a mildly humorous message about mid day yesterday to give him time to make arrangements and prep for the trip. Based on the assumption he'd be coming, that is. "Escape pod lady here:  If you are still interested in demanding a ride along, make your arrangements with your...

Athum / yesterday
Запись №22 Мой "Фантом" стрелою белой...

Запись №22 3305.12.13 Система FLYOOE EOHN UH-A B18-0 Система Reorte была выбрана для празднования конца года, что вызвало огромный спрос на определённые товары... - Урса, сделай чуть погромче, пожалуйста! Опять там какая-то глобальная кампания намечается, что ли... Системы Альянса в последнее...
WP07 80Day Run
Behold, the Huntsman!
New Arrivals
Painite In The Ass
WP05 80day Run
12 Dec 3305
Buggy Assassination
12 Dec 3305
Dawn Vision
12 Dec 3305
2 Days Logbook #2
Nathan Atterlein
12 Dec 3305
Everything changed
12 Dec 3305
WP4 80Day Run
11 Dec 3305
Hard Day's Ride

Galnet news

12 Dec 3305
Year’s End Festivities in Reorte

The Reorte system has been selected for the Alliance’s end-of-year festivities, prompting huge demand for commodities.

Traders, performance artists and chefs throughout Allied space have already flocked to the system, where billions of attendees are expected. The planet Home is planning a synchronous firework display spanning every continent, while the habitation decks of Davies High will offer a culinary celebration featuring dishes from across the galaxy.

Prime Minister Edmund Mahon was the guest of honour at the commencement ceremony, and he offered these words to the gathered press:

“As the year draws to a close we have a lot to be thankful for. There is peace between the superpowers. Thargoid encroachments on human space have ceased. Through hard work and cooperation, we have proven ourselves capable of rising together in response to significant challenges. This is something each and every one of us can be proud of.”

“And so, the Reorte system will host a celebration to tell future generations about. We call upon the galactic community to ensure the system is well supplied, and look forward to rewarding these ever-reliable pilots for their continued service.”

The Reorte Mining Coalition has elected to oversee the initiative. Units of fish, fruit and vegetables, animal meat and beer have been requested at Davies High in the Reorte system. More exotic traders are also encouraged to bring units of Lavian Brandy, Anduliga Fire Works and Eranin Pearl Whiskey.

To ensure the celebration goes without a hitch, the Reorte Mining Coalition has also offered to pay handsomely for all bounties collected on wanted ships in the system.

The initiative is scheduled to run from the 12th to the 18th of December 3305. If the final targets are met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

11 Dec 3305
Holloway Biology Centre Opens

Following months of setbacks, the Holloway Biology Centre has finally opened in the Colonia system. The research centre will focus on the study of newly catalogued lifeforms.

Dr Roy Casimir, chief researcher at the Holloway Bioscience Institute, held a press conference at the opening ceremony, and discussed the delays that followed a successful campaign to found the centre in February this year:

“Our study of the lifeforms discovered over the past year formed the basis of the research centre’s designs. As the volume of scans provided by the galactic community continued to grow, it became apparent that we lacked the laboratory space required to study it all.”

“As a result, the Holloway Bioscience Institute committed to several months of investment and redesign, to ensure that a wide variety of material could be analysed. We are confident that this decision will prove more than worthwhile, and our scientists are excited to work in this state-of-the-art facility.”

The Holloway Biology Centre is located in the Colonia system on Colonia 7 G.

05 Dec 3305
Golconda’s Inhabitants Migrate to Forester’s Choice

The crew of the generation ship Golconda have migrated to their new home - the outpost Forester’s Choice in the Upaniklis system.

Following a successful bid to assist the Golconda crew with their relocation, the Federation arranged for transportation from the ancient vessel to the outpost now in orbit around Upaniklis B 3.

Communication with the generation ship in the days prior to departure revealed a certain amount of trepidation among their people. But with centuries of space travel having exhausted the Golconda’s ability to adequately sustain the colonists, the majority supported the decision to relocate.

The Golconda’s command staff also confirmed that they would continue distillation of the beverage Apa Vietii. This unique spirit will be on sale to traders from Forester’s Choice.

Professor Elizabeth Perez, head of anthropology at Orion Independent University, was on hand to observe the mass resettlement:

“Many of the colonists openly wept as they stepped aboard the transport vessels, speaking words of thanks and sorrow to the Golconda itself. On several occasions, the emigrants broke spontaneously into song, with hundreds locked arm-in-arm.”

“During the flight I overheard a group of youths chatting excitedly about the technology that would be available to them, perhaps ignorant of the significance of their journey. But most striking was the people’s collective determination to maintain their unique culture, and to remain together as they enter this new chapter.”

“It remains to be seen whether this society will retain its isolationist outlook or willingly integrate with the galaxy. We can only hope that these remarkable travellers from the past will be left alone long enough to explore 34th-century humanity at their own pace.”

To celebrate this historic event, the Federation has announced that a purchase discount will be applied to Federal ships between the 5th and 16th of December 3305.

24 Nov 3305
Federation Delivers Golconda’s New Home

The Federation has won the bid to provide the Golconda’s population with a permanent home, beating a rival effort by the Empire.

Both campaigns received support from the galactic community, but the initiative to create a new orbital outpost for the generation ship’s inhabitants ultimately proved more popular than the construction of a planetary port.

An official message from the Golconda confirmed that the colonists were impressed by the superpower’s success, and have agreed to migrate to the outpost once it has been completed. The outpost will be named Forester’s Choice to honour the captain of the Golconda, Jonathon Forester.

The Golconda crew have also accepted the status of a Federal partner while retaining their autonomy.

Congressman Harlan Turk made this statement:

“We are proud to offer a fresh start to a society descended from the Federation’s forebears. Their unique culture will continue to thrive among the stars at an outpost that enjoys Federal protection.”

Imperial Senator Ava Cornelius sent a message of goodwill to Captain Forester and his crew. She admitted disappointment at the Golconda’s decision but wished the colonists peace and prosperity for the future.

Supporters of the Imperial and Federal campaigns can now collect outstanding rewards from their respective megaships in the Upaniklis system.

Furrowing Patches
14 Dec 2019


Cyril Jackson (astronomer)

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Cyril Jackson (5 December 1903 – February 1988) was a South African astronomer.

He was born in Ossett, Yorkshire in England, but his father emigrated to South Africa in 1911.

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