17 Oct 3303
Victor Barlow /
October 16, 3303//Key

What have I done? A couple days ago, Hunter found a stowaway on his ship. It was a little girl, couldn't be older than 8, and she was scared and in rags. I was away from the Gnosis, so I asked Nyx to help out and take care of the kid until I got back. Turns out the little girl, Key, has no family left. She is here looking for Hunter, but she knows him by another name and by face. Now, if you know...

15 Oct 3303
Victor Barlow /
October 3, 3303// Thargoid Report

Kal, I figured I'd provide you with some updates on my research here. So far, I've gotten two things that I feel are worth our attention. The first is a working hypothesis I have that the Thargoid ships may actually be grown and that the barnacles are the early stages of that growth. I came to this conclusion after having visited both a barnacle site and the huge crashed ship we went to, or the dreadnought...

15 Oct 3303
Victor Barlow /
September 28, 3303// Encounters

Well, it finally happened. After months of rumors and stories, I have finally made contact with Thargoids. Twice, in fact. The first time was oddly uneventful. I was doing a run and all of the sudden, my ship started shaking and everything around me turned red and orange. I was ripped from witch space and my ship tumbled. From behind me, I saw a greenish energy pulse. It shut down my ship. Now, I've...

11 Oct 3303
Victor Barlow /
September 27, 3303// First Log

Vega said I should start keeping a log, so here I am, logging. Nyx and I leave for The Gnosis tomorrow. She seems pretty fascinated by the whole thing. I just hope the first jump goes well and we don't end up in a green cloud, if you catch my meaning. Myself, I'm going so I can utilize their info on the Thargoids. I aim to learn as much as I can. I've heard reports of them being hostile, but also plenty...

13 Aug 3303
Echo Wake /

August 13, 3303 – The War Is Over (Part One) In a surprising turn of events, the Federal Privateers have managed to broker a treaty with the FNC Federal Armada. This is due to, in no small part, Meengs, the recently elected leader of the Privateers reaching out and discussing terms with CMDR Treemanboy. For those of you that do not know, which I am sure most all of you do, the Privateers and...

23 Jul 3303
Jester_of_sins /

During my visit to the stinking hole of the abyss known by two names, Latjil & The Home of the Spineless, I murdered the following FNC Commanders: xinfecti0nzkilla, sgt cannibal, jbjfun, noeticblue, flamehedgehog63, and blademaster 1196. Recent intel shows that the FNC cowards have retreated into a private group, allowing whomever to operate in their Open system unchecked. Due to the lack of...

22 Jun 3303
Commander Qball /
Qball the Vigilante

LOGDATE 22-6-03 It's been 2 months since I've joined the Federal Privateers and I finally feel accepted. I go bounty hunting just about every day with other members and I see a lot when I do so, I see a lot. In fact, I recently spotted a beautiful blue star a few days ago. I was also invited by the owner of the Privateers himself to assist him with a Powerplay mission to help Hudson to rise to the...

25 Apr 3303
Echo Wake /
- Privateers News Network - Article 8

April 17, 3303 - Time of Chaos A group going be the name of Time of Chaos has declared war on Privateers mainly because we have Privateers in our name. They are claiming to be a better pirate faction and aim to flex their muscles in around our area of space. Doc told them that we have no interest in fighting and that we have other higher priorities to worry about. However, they still declared war...

25 Apr 3303
Echo Wake /
- Privateers News Network - Article 7

April 14, 3303 – Battle Report – LHS 215 A firefight broke out during Doc’s test run in a Dolphin, one of the newest ships in the Saud Kruger line of passenger ships. The offending ships registered as part of the Federal Navy Club (FNC) and an immediate task force was assembled and sent after the assailants. These assailants were tracked across three separate systems including LHS 215, Nanomam,...

25 Apr 3303
Echo Wake /
- Privateers News Network - Article 6

February 3303 – The Un-peaceful Peace Talks (Part Two) So in a matter of a 20 minute conversation the leadership of the Federal Privateers were insulted and berated by leadership of the Federal Navy Club. The level of disrespect shown, in my opinion, was second to none. We were literally moments away from having them escorted out of the conference room just minutes after Smarterthanall started talking....
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Wing info

Name: Federal Privateers
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Zachary Hudson
Game mode: Open
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: English

Wing commander: Meengs1024
Members: 122
Ships: 261
Supporters: 18
Headquarters: LHS 215 [Spring Gateway]
Minor faction: Federal Privateers

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Dealer
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: