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Switch Killington / today
Log 033: Shadow Luna

Been a couple weeks since last log entry.  Couple reason, firstly having the squadron to chit chat with while flying helps with the space madness.  Secondly, I crashed my ship directly into a planet.  It happened soon after my last log update, at least if I recall correctly.   I was about 30 jumps...

Wyatt Parish / today
A Scrap Heap in Space

1 January 3305 Parish keyed up his lens. "Computer, contact Joseline Cortez. Tell her to meet me in the public flight bay. Also make sure she clears her schedule for the day." He continued walking down to the docking bay as he continued to look at his lens. He reviewed everything he had...

McGyverCP / yesterday
15 million credits and 15 minutes...

I was doing some transport runs last night. As I arrived at the docking station I came across this... "Federal Flight Control, this is Lakon Michael Charlie Golf requesting landing access..." "Lakon Michael Charlie Golf, Request for landing is denied at this time, over." "Flight,...

Halzote / yesterday
[LOG-7 07-07-3034]

Plus d’une semaine depuis mon derniers LOG. Commençons par ces fameux vaisseaux. Le Krait MK-II est assez spectaculaire et quand bien même il n’est peut-être pas le meilleur vaisseau il se démarque par son unicité. En effet de mémoire je ne vois rien de comparable avec ce modèle. Ses...

Halzote / yesterday
[LOG-2 05-06-3304]

Shinrarta Dezhra me voilà. Cela faisait sept jours que je n’avais pas été dans la bulle humaine. Souffrant d’une faible réputation en exploration j’eu pris la décision d’aller à la découverte de systèmes encore inexplorés. Il m’aura fallu quatre jours pour atteindre Sagittarius A*, un de...
Back home part 1
[LOG-6 27-06-3034]
[LOG-4 13-06-3034]
[LOG-3 09-06-3034]
Wyatt Parish
17 Apr 3305
Bright Lights and Dark Jobs.
17 Apr 3305
17 Apr 3305
Picking holes
17 Apr 3305
They will never believe.
16 Apr 3305
The Unspoken Eulogy of Nicholas Brady
15 Apr 3305
Back in the Black!
15 Apr 3305
No name

Galnet news

18 Apr 3305
Thargoids Wreak Havoc in Core Systems

It has now been more than two months since the Thargoids began a concentrated assault on the core systems, and in that time they have attacked dozens of starports, resulting in thousands of casualties.

As authorities in the affected systems continue to appeal for aid, Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, has offered the following assessment:

“What’s surprising is that the Thargoids aren’t targeting our most important social or military centres, such as the superpowers’ home systems. There’s no doubt that they’re trying to weaken us, but evidently they’re guided by different principles than those that typically govern human martial strategy.”

“What we can say is this: with capital ships of limited use against Thargoid craft, independent combat pilots remain our best defence against the Thargoids.”

17 Apr 3305
Aegis Forms Partnership with Ram Tah

Aegis has entered into a partnership with the engineer Ram Tah to manufacture Guardian-related technology.

Senior Engineer Lilith Galloway made the following statement on behalf of Aegis:

“We believe that Ram Tah’s accomplishments, while impressive, represent only a fraction of what can be accomplished. We have therefore entered into an agreement that will allow Aegis to bring its considerable resources to bear in the manufacture of Guardian-related technology, both now and in the future.”

Galloway confirmed that technology brokers would remain licensed distributors of the Trident, Javelin and Lance XG fighters.

Ram Tah also gave a short statement to the media:

“To me, Aegis represents what can be achieved when humanity pulls together, and I am delighted to be entering into this partnership.”

14 Apr 3305
Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

The Children of Tothos cult has been forcibly disbanded following its attempt to destroy Archambault Terminal with a nuclear weapon. Federal Intelligence Agency agent Rochelle Karim was praised for exploiting the cult’s acceptance of new followers, giving her tactical team an opportunity to infiltrate the cult’s ranks.

The Federal Intelligence Agency has denied that it is conducting a criminal investigation of Rackham Capital Investments. In a statement, the FIA said it had not contacted the journalist Bryanna Blanco to ask for access to her files. Blanco has since queried if the agents who took her data were in fact part of the FIA.

Finally, news of a meeting between Princess Aisling Duval and Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval has caused controversy throughout the Empire, with Zemina Torval branding the princess ‘an ideological traitor’. Commentators have suggested that Princess Aisling intends to steer Hadrian away from the extremist policies he inherited from Kaeso Mordanticus.

And those are the main stories this week.

13 Apr 3305
The Princess and the Imperator

News of a meeting between Princess Aisling Duval and Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval has caused controversy throughout the Empire.

Political journalist Cassia Carvalho reviewed the situation:

“Princess Aisling is surely aware that contacting Hadrian Duval was a politically risky move. Senator Zemina Torval has wasted no time in branding the princess ‘an ideological traitor’ for associating with isolationists.”

“Family connections aside, Hadrian’s traditionalist views do not align with Aisling’s progressive approach. But he is young and inexperienced, with policies inherited from the extremist Imperator Mordanticus.”

“Perhaps Aisling hopes that, by learning to adapt, this long-lost member of the Duval family may yet play a part on the galactic stage.”

prison closed!
18 Apr 2019


Bryan Gaensler

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Bryan Malcolm Gaensler (born 4 July 1973) is an Australian astronomer and former Young Australian of the Year, currently based at the University of Sydney. He studies magnetars, supernova remnants and magnetic fields. On 10 June 2014, it was announced that Gaensler was appointed as Director of the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, filling the hiatus after James R. Graham's departure.

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