16 Aug 3303
GMorokoko /
[vidlimpetPRO] First stupid entry.

Things have gotten to the point i decided to see a doctor. My earlier memories have started to fade to the point where i cant even recognize people in my albums. I even struggled to recall my fathers voice. This can't happen now!!! *kicks table*. Not to mention... I have been losing my cool a bit more than usual. I am not sure what made me seek a doctor at this point, and it is even harder for...

11 Aug 3303
GMorokoko /
Dr. Douglas Anders patient 77651 (NON-INMATE) "Gladys" Session one notes.

Non prisoner patient, only gives first name "Gladys".Refuses to give age, and says she is not sure of where in the galaxy she is from. Claims memory loss is causing frequent fits of rage, and general mental discomfort (Space madness?). Working with nearby mercenary faction "Fortunes Corsairs" (Chamas). Says she was part of extreme progenitor cell testing program, and also claims...

04 Apr 3303
Cmdr xligerzerojager /
415.000 lys around the galaxy

04 April 3303 cmdrs log #5 I have been stuck out here making repairs for days, I managed to jump around 300lys before the distributor gave out on me again, it seems my attempt at fixing it failed, as of know a fifth fleet rescue ship is on is way to me with parts so I can repair it properly. this has been so far a great trip I just hope I don't get to sag A and the ship falls apart there, too...

01 Apr 3303
Cmdr xligerzerojager /
415klys around the galaxy

01 april 3303 Cmdrs log #3 Today was possibly one of the most uneventful days of my trip, i imagine there will be alot more in the future however . I travelled around 6kly with nothing very interesting to see other than things i have seen already however i remain optimitic . I am currently 7.7klys from the bubble now traveling horizontal across the galactic plan to hawking gap o ly 2.5kly to...

30 Mar 3303
Cmdr xligerzerojager /
421.000lys around the galaxy

30th march 3303 Cmdrs log #2 I have woken up to the erie dark vaccum of space 4 thousand light years from chamas, im overjoyed as i had agreed with myself that 3klys would be a bice average . I dropped the first ever FTLCB and it works perfectly, i recevied new information from fleet intelligence That one of the lost fsd drives was heading to Hawkins Gap. I plotted the route in checkpoints...

29 Mar 3303
Cmdr xligerzerojager /
425.000lys around the galaxy.

29 march 3303. Cmdrs log #1 The time has come, after weeks of preperation i admiral and commander FenrirsFury will embark upon the grandest undertaking in my piloting career. I will leave the relative saftey and comfort of my home, Chamas and my family the Fortunes Corsairs. Thanks to the hard efforts of 5th fleets research and development department they have manage to create a miniture...

27 Feb 3303
"Foxface" Ronin /
Second Entry- Do i want titles?

SO, ive decide to make this a monthly thing. ya know, collect my data, go over spread sheets, all that logistical stuff. The past 30 or so days have been uneventful truthfully. I've made my money back after investing in the Gladius. She's a beautiful ship, i gotta say. no regrets there. I took her out of the bubble for a little trip, of course through a fuel scoop on there so it could make it....

Wing info

Name: Fortunes Corsairs
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Private group (Open/Private)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: ---

Wing commander: CRSR Silky James
Members: 45
Ships: 200
Supporters: 0

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: