VandalAxis /
Vandal's Log; Second Entry

Damn Sonia. She didn't tell me that these logs were open to the Pilots Federation. I make a fool enough of myself, I really didn't need any help. Course, she just responded with something akin to 'That's no excuse Vandal.' So now I'm sitting here at Obsidian Orbital's very own rescue ship just hoping I don't get used in one of Galnet's witty irony stories about someone posing as someone that's...

16 Jan 3304
AgentHaxx /
LSR Log 1: Luck

The spark was gone, CMDR AgentHaxx had lost all he had. His family destroyed by bad luck, HIS bad luck. His last living relative, his daughter had been killed out in nowhere space. She was ambushed, although she fought off all of the pirates she took severe damage to her ship. Her reactor blew when she fired her last bullet. He was now alone in the universe, no one to love. He always had bad luck,...

16 Jan 3304
Sloan4prez /
Muses Silenced

With tired eyes, a tired mind and a tired heart I finally make it back to Atropos after a long, grimy day of klaxons blaring, sparks flying, servo grease and conduit coolant spraying on the bridge of the Sally Clarke as we gather the fine people of Reed's Rest in their escape pods and whatever little is left of their lives. On the trip back to Blackmount, I kept the intercoms open between the...

14 Jan 3304
VandalAxis /
Vandal's Log; First Entry

Balls. I don't even know how to use one of these. Never really had the option to, was always busy making cred. The Xeno ruined all that. Balls, not the cred making. They ruined the peace. See, I don't know how to use this and no one really wants to read anything that isn't dramatically dreadful. Only the dreadful gets the Galnet photo op. Either dreadfully boring news about superpowers and their...

02 Jan 3304
XxHyde840xX /
Last Days of Fidenef - Part Two: An Uneasy Exodus

Hyde woke up with a dry mouth and a splitting headache, and rolled over with a groan. A quick glance at the clock on the nightstand, the familiar, low hum of the air-circulation system, and a slight smell of dog told him he was in his own bed, in the small loft apartment above The Swordfish Bar and Grill. 19:56...Gods it's getting late...at least I made it home last night... At exactly 23:30...

27 Dec 3303
Sloan4prez /
The Post-Federation years

The years following her dismissal from the Federal Navy found CMDR Sloan4Prez erring the void, where her piloting, combat and navigational skills, as well as the anti-authoritarian reputation she had garnered as a result of her widely publicized discharge had found interest with a number of rotating rogue trading clans. With the modest savings she had managed to hold onto, she purchased a discount...

27 Dec 3303
Friendsofbucky /
Dedication - Chapter 1 - How Many

CMDR Bucky, slouching, strolls into the hideout-bar that's become more of a home with the year's events. Bunks stacked against the walls with just a wall of old brandy canisters keeping the sections apart. Rations towering like a snow drift in a far corner. A desolate expression clinging to the faces of the families and pilots alike. Some ideally refer to them as "Revolutionaries" and...

23 Dec 3303
XxHyde840xX /
Last Days of Fidenef - Part One: An Ultimatum

Hyde strode through the sliding doors, a simple swipe of his dataslate was all it took. He could end this all now, and for a brief second he almost drew his pistol. His grizzled, combat-worn appearance was in stark contrast to the suited men of Fidenef Alliance. They sat in luxury, protected by their security, and the privilege that a fat bank account could afford, dogging the LSR at every turn with...

18 Dec 3303
GraniteSoldier /
Corrupted audio file 1

*Static* “-llo?... He-... Hello...?” “Brian I don’t know if you’ll ever get-“ *static* “But I’m leaving him with you, I’ll leave him on your landing pad in Polyakov station. His name is *static*. Make sure you get him quick, he’s hungry- *static* *baby crying can be heard faintly* “I’m so sorry for this Brian, if I raise him I’ll be shunned, I’m going to- *static* and *static*”. “He’s much tougher...

28 Nov 3303
Friendsofbucky /
Back Home

11-28-3303 CMDRs Log: This is Lt. CMDR Bucky speaking... I've finally made the return trip back. Where from? Can't say. However, it's more on the lines of "I'd rather not say" as to keep affiliates private. That's off the point though. It doesn't matter at the moment where I'd been, just where I am now. Diabak. Though I'm not on exactly good terms with the controlling faction due to some...
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Wing info

Name: Leviathan Scout Regiment
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Zachary Hudson
Game mode: Open (XxHyde840xX)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: English

Wing commander: XxHyde840xX
Members: 87
Ships: 313
Supporters: 6
Headquarters: Diabak [Bridges Survey]

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Dealer
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: