31 Jan 3304
Killhunter44 /
CMDRS LOG - KILLHUNTER44 - STAR DATE: 31 Jan 3304 AT 22:30 (Saving Dove Megaship)

CMDR KILLHUNTER updating log start: Yesterday evening the crew and I where notified that help was needed in the form of Meta Alloys to be delivered out to Colonia. Shorty after a meeting with the crew, things were settled and we all agreed to help. As the Captain of the HMS STARLIGHT OF ORION, I called down to the hanger bay to have the old girl stripped of her weapons, modules, and anything else...

08 Jan 3304
Calv /
The war on drugs..

Today was a simple day, Juri Ishmaak contacted me to let me know that he would be willing to work on scanner in exchange for some combat bonds. This was a no-brainer so after checking the nearby systems for increased tensions I was on my war to assist the Federation against the drug runners in LTT 9455. This drug gang had some serious hardware, fielding numerous assault ships, dropships and even a...

08 Jan 3304
Calv /
Back into the black.

After many months spent planetside, the urge to be out there in the black was upon me again. First order of business was to work out my kinks, my Viper MkIV was perfect for this and several patrols (and numerous bounties) later I had my space legs back and was ready to get down to business. Whilst planetside I had heard many spacers talking about the upgrades being offered by individuals referred...

02 Dec 3303
Henfether /
The Oracle, Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55, year 3303 Oct 1st, 23.00

Fuel, repairs, food and drink, perhaps even a long walk to clear our heads from the unknown threats troubling this sector. That was on our minds as we made our final approach towards The Oracle station drop point when system wide comms suddenly bursted out: - All commanders to The Oracle! - Whats at The Oracle, a reply sounded. - Thargoid attack! Blood pumping, senses sharpening and the sound of...

01 Dec 3303
Inyahin /

Inyahin's Cobra and Sidewinder had been parked up at Levchenko Relay when it was taken over by ISIS POSSE. Both ships were lost, transponders hacked and are now flying under new flags of ISIS POSSE with cloned Pilot's Federation ID cards plugged into the ship's transponder to keep the identity of the pilot anonymous and to throw any "wrong doings" away from retribution of the iron claw of...

26 Nov 3303
Inyahin /
Celebrating the Passing a Legend... With Mugs and Gin!

There are rumours in the space ports about the final resting place of one Commander Jameson's Cobra Mk III, the commander who, according to some, single-handedly won the first Thargoid War. Inyahin Decided to investigate. The trip starts just like any other. With a stop off at Hutton Orbital for Mugs and Gin from her favourite spot in the Galaxy. At least 0.22 light years from anywhere that...

25 Oct 3303
Hersilia /
A Personal Discovery.

A foul sound blared from the speaker system which dotted the mining base, to the mind of a child, it could have been a demon awakening from an aeon long sleep. Breaking from the surface of this dusty planet to destroy all life. The bass shook Hersilias clothing while a high pitched whine sounded over the top. She turned to face the main building of the mining facility, the center source of the alarm....

11 Oct 3303
Valorin /
The Equinox derelict (contains confidential information scanned at the site)

They knew it all along. Usually I don't listen much to the bragging and crazy talk in the bars. Even less when it's about coordinates. Half of them are traps or shady business proposals anyway. But with what is happening in the Pleiades at the moment, I couldn't help myself checking on this particular information, which led me to an derelict megaship. Scanning for more, I discovered a few bits of data,...

28 Sep 3303
Valorin /
Only scavenger drones?

They are here. There are reports of encounters all over the board. But all bets are not off yet. The invasion many people feared, the ruthless attack by a Thargoid war fleet did not come. Despite the exciting and frightening fact that those aliens reached human space I am not yet inclined to believe that they are hostile. Is it alarming? Yes! But is it a threat? I am not sure yet. There have been...

23 Sep 3303
Poltergeist /
[26083033] It's been a while...

...since I sat in the cockpit. Planet-side job, family, friends - everything, that mud-sloggers call "real life." I had to get out into the void again; I have had enough of this. People told me I should stay, forget about flying. They said there's nothing out there, that it's just big, empty space. That I won't find anything of interest there... That all I'll be doing is flying from one system...
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