28 Jun 3303
Nyxx Corvinus /
Home, sweet home

You know when you've found the right place to settle in for the long haul? You get that warm fuzzy feeling, and everything feels just. . .perfect. That's exactly what happened when I was sitting in this dive bar the other night. I managed to overhear this particularly rough group of individuals discussing their latest score and where'd they'd gone to make their cred. Independent - Anarchy, sounded...

19 Feb 3303
Furieux /
An 8th Consolation

Once the Velvet Presley was safely stowed in a hangar down in the depths of Coney Gateway station, Furieux slowly made his way to the Star & Garter on floor sixty one. There were many ways to get around star ports, from station shuttles and high speed elevators to great arcing enclosed walkways that led deeper into the station interior. Usually, Furieux would almost certainly take the quickest...

29 Dec 3302
Guy Threepwood /
Operation Grinch

04:05 29 Dec 3302 - It looks like crime did pay.  I made over 10 million credits off of the presents I acquired and sold.  Now that this community goal is complete I am off to upgrade my ship and find my next big haul 02:04 23 Dec 3302 - I got my first haul.  I found a type 6 with no shields just asking to be hit.  I interdicted him and when I asked him to stop for a scan he tried to run.  A quick...

07 Dec 3302
Mohizz /

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Welcome Commander. Officer Sonya Duval personal Data log running... Waiting for authentication… Authentication approved... Accessing log. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I am Sonya Duval, security officer...

03 Dec 3302
Furieux /

Star & Garter Bar, Raven’s Landing, Cai System. “Something on your mind, commander?” The question was delivered in a heavily accented and sweet cadence but Furieux ignored it and remained hunched on a barstool, swirling what little was left in the bottom of a square cocktail glass.  Normally, he’d never disregard the attentions of the fairer sex, but he recognised the voice and was not inclined...

27 Jun 3302
Furieux /
The Largest Piece of Paipai

Arkan Ginova gazed thoughtfully through one of the many view ports on Griggs Camp station. The stars beyond glittered with promise against an infinite curtain of black; a sight that would capture the imagination of any hopeful dirt-sider who had never been lucky enough to travel among them. For the Fleet Commander of the Raven’s Scouts, it was as familiar a vista as a sunrise over Xyile. He watched...

27 Jun 3302
Furieux /
Enter the Dragons

"Sir, we are picking up heat signatures from orbit on an approach vector,” reported the tactical coordinator. “Visuals show five ships bearing 8th Dragon Squadron insignia.” Dillon Reade rose from a chair in the centre of a makeshift operations room of Lambert Observatory. It was, in truth, simply the main control centre of the base. The surrounding walls were lined with displays and various...

27 Jun 3302
Furieux /
An Assault on the Sensors

“Orbit established. What’s taking you so long?” asked Erikson from the bridge of the massive Hammer, an Anaconda class warship. It hung over the moon of Strauss Reward like the sword of Damocles. “Interdicted en route,” replied Furieux with a chuckle. “A couple of opportunistic Eagles decided that I might be easy prey.” The big man guffawed. “I hope you showed them the error of their ways! I...

27 Jun 3302
Furieux /
An Uncertain Friendship

“Commander Furieux?” inquired Dillon Reade, turning towards a booth near the back wall of the Star & Garter. “Please follow me.” “Reade? How did you recognize me?” Furieux asked, following a path weaved before through the masses. The journey to Bedaho had been short, and the smuggler had only just docked at Salam Enterprise moments before. He had hoped to have had a drink or two before the...

27 Jun 3302
Furieux /
The Way to Bedaho

Furieux was sprawled out on Shizuko’s bunk when she returned to her quarters several hours after the events in Star & Garter. His head and right arm hung limply over the edge. He looked like death itself on a bad day. It appeared that Alder had simply dumped the inebriated pilot on the bed and left. The room stank of stale liquor and she screwed up her nose at the smell, peering around and looking...
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Wing info

Name: EDC 8th Dragon Squadron
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Private group (EDC Official and Open)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: PC/Mac
Language: ---

Wing commander: Mohizz
Members: 61
Ships: 283
Supporters: 0
Headquarters: Patocuda [Coney Gateway]
Minor faction: 8th Dragon Squadron

Average combat rank: Master
Average trade rank: Broker
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with: