22 May 3303
Angrymallard /
Frustration's abound.

As of late I seem to be spending more credit's on medical bill's and ship insurance than fuel. Was attacked again by pirate's and didn't comply soon enough for the greedy little space scum. At least I was in a populated area. A federation pilot scooped me up. After dropping me at the nearest station I hitchhiked to the location my insurance agent sent me and outfitted my new ship. He sounded upset...

12 Feb 3303
Jacob key3s /
A lot can happen when you don't try!

So the passenger mission failed... I reached my target, gave the client what they required and started to head back. I made a few very nice first finds including a black hole and neutron star in the same system and a few more neutrons. Now in a bid to get home a little faster I started neutron jumping and all was going well until I mistook a White Dwarf for a neutron star. I jumped into the cone,...

08 Feb 3303
Mythicrogue91 /
New Titles and Long Days

What a day it's been. Last night was intense to a degree I didn't think was possible after the Lap conflict. Got back to base last night and was met by my Wing Leader. I've fought beside the man for months, gotten amazing advice, and have had help updating the Maelstrom but still, every time he comes around the corner, its a shock and a surprise. That's the case with ALL the FRC Leadership though....

06 Feb 3303
Mythicrogue91 /

I've been back in Delkar for a few days now. Touched down at Invergary and havent put on the flight suit for a while now, and I love it. Feels good to take some time off, get the shore leave under my belt and relax. Last week or two have been hectic, the War, the trading and the few thousand light year trips too and from the Engineers can take a lot out of a man. Dont get me wrong, definitely not feeling...

03 Feb 3303
Jacob key3s /
So, the legendary constant war state of 17 Draconis

Just a Cadet looking to gain some ranks Ive finally arrived at 17 Draconis, after non stop comms chatter about huge financial gains and the constant civil war, aided by CMDR's off course! Instead of being here for the financial gains, (of course i will be looking to improve my balance, but in a ligitimate way) I am here to help rank myself up further in our glorious Federation! Im hoping...

26 Jan 3303
Mythicrogue91 /
Lapannodaya Conflict.

For weeks now the FRC has been on the path to Expansion. From taking Delkar, to living through one hell of a Boom state it was only a matter of time. I'm a newbie in the X Wing of the FRC but these past few weeks have been thrilling to say the least. From a nobody to the guy who runs with the Wing Commander is something I can be proud of. When I joined the FRC had already been around for years. As...

11 Jan 3303
Kazick /
1-10-3303 Day 2

So Today Marks Day 2 of my deep space exploration run. I have left what I believe to be the last out post built by man on my way to the galactic edge. After a brief layover at Obsidian Orbital in the Maia system in the Pleiades sector I have set out for part of the California nebula. My ship, the Grey Wind, is a Viper MrkIV. Shes out fitted as a multi roll ship. A good fuel scope, some weapons, sand...

06 Jan 3303
RavenKnight86 /
Official Statement from CMDR RavenKnight86 on Unknown Ships

While fighting alongside Imperial Inquisition pilots in the Brestla system in their civil war against Brestla Silver Vision Network, CMDR RavenKnight86 was made aware of news dispatches concerning the recent sightings of unknown vessels in the Pleiades and Aries Dark sectors. These dispatches, which also furnished the first ever video evidence of these vessels, show the unknown ships interdicting...

05 Jan 3303
Kazick /

The past days have been rough. Twice now I have taken missions blindly for the Federal Reclamation Co. Twice they have asked me to kill civilians. And I tried. Some poor bastard named Kurt. At first I thought it would be just any ordinary combat sortie. Fly out, kill an enemy, head home. Something I have done countless times. Its one thing to kill a commander whose out to kill you in the time of war....

12 Dec 3302
Boompow /
Admiral's Log, Inaugral launch of FNS Boomhammer, Corvette Class

War. Feels like it has always been there, if we aren't fighting one then we are preparing for the next. It's always ready to give us another reason to get up, another reason to train and practice and prepare to kill. War on a galactic scale has changed the killing, made it impersonal, a silent blossom in a dark cold vacuum thousand of kilometers away and hundreds of lives are silenced instantly....
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Wing info

Name: Federal Reclamation Co
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Independent
Game mode: Private group (EDC OFFICIAL)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Skifton
Members: 115
Ships: 600
Supporters: 12

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Broker
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with: