16 May 3303
E'versee /
Sagittarius*A travel Log 1

Date: 16th May 3303 Mission: Passenger Tour Ship: Anaconda Departure Station: Narlikar Station, Nawait System Captain: CMDR E' versee So I'm starting this log as something to do during this long trip. I'm taking three groups of passengers on various sightseeing adventures culminating at Sagittarius*a, via Colonia. This will my second attempt at such an endevour, hopefully I will be successful...

19 Apr 3303
Extremofire /
Exploration Record: 17 Apr 3303

Exploration Log Expedition #4: Passenger Transport to IC 1396 Sector Preface Lavigny's Legion has grown ten-fold since my last logbook. Our operations have expanded throughout the Empire, and we have begun myriad local outreach programs. One of such programs has us catering to the needs of the neighboring factions in our systems, as a gentle way to garner respect from their citizens. Ultimately,...

04 Apr 3303
Tomb5tone /
CMDRs Log 343033 (Starting a career in PvP)

The system was quiet as I docked the Salva Mea at Bowen City. Being in hostile territory had a way of making me edgy. I wasn’t too worried, I had recently received my Combat Master recommendation from the Pilots Federation and my Python was armed to the teeth. The system was under the control of Li Yong-Rui, and even though there were no open hostilities at present, I still found myself outside of...

01 Apr 3303
Cyberjopo /
Settlement scanning route for engineer data

This is my route, 89 Leonis 3 C Ozanne Observatory - Additionally I have picked up 12 Core Dynamic Composites from High Grade Emission flying in deep space from here (Federal & @ War) Nebtete A 3 a Shaw Prospect Nebtete A 7 a Bacigalupi Landing Kokoto 3 c Terry Camp LHS 332 A 2 b Hand Observatory LHS 2037 3 c Springer Prospect LU Velorum 1 Bakewell Laboratory LU Velorum 5 b Velho Relay Aasgay A...

24 Mar 3303
Relick /
Basic Combat Pointers

Basic Combat Pointers Pip Management Dynamic pip management is arguably the most important skill for a CMDR to have for not only combat in general, but especially PvP. Pip management is the kind of thing that you can never get enough practice doing. Even if you think your pip management is good, still work on trying to shuffle them around even more. You can go to Coriolis and look at the chart...

19 Jan 3303
Cole Basinger /

Commander's log, January 19, 3303 Following several months of recovery and shore leave at Marker Depot, I have finally dusted off the IMS Arissa's Arrow and am returning to active duty with Lavigny's Legion.  In my absence, the Legion, and indeed the whole galaxy, have changed dramatically, and I great this venture with equal parts excitement and skepticism. Let's see what the galaxy has in store...

18 Jan 3303
M.Garibaldi /
I'm too old for that.... 18.01.3303

I was heading towards LHS 2813 with a full ship... I mean full of stuff. That was so long not possible... i got on my way and arrived in Crucis Sector HH-V B2-7. Normal routine checked my fuel for a new jump and bam. Empty. Nothing. Nada. Maybe i forgot to check it..maybe i was.... no i wasn't drunk for years...was i? I contacted the fuel rats...and i do not exaggerate... 5 minutes later these...

01 Dec 3302
Relick /
(CARTHAGE TRIBUNE, 11/30/3302; II.)

War Thunders Once More After a prosperous period of peace, during which Lavigny's Legion experienced strong economic growth and an expansion into the Mu Horologii system, the Legion finds itself again at war. Worried by the Legion's rapid economic and territorial growth, the Narakapani Exchange has engaged Legion forces in a conflict over some of the systems disputed resources. Ankou Blue Federal...

01 Dec 3302
Relick /
(CARTHAGE TRIBUNE, 11/30/3302; I.)

The Legion Expands Just a few days ago, Lavigny's Legion expanded into the nearby system of Mu Horologii. The leaders of the other factions in the system welcomed the Legion into Mu Horologii with open arms, including the Admiralty of The Order of Mobius; with whom the Legion has opened diplomatic relations with in order to facilitate a peaceful co-existence. The system has not been high on the...

01 Dec 3302
Relick /
(Carthage Tribune, 11/02/3302)

(Original draft, see link for in-game variant) New Imperial Port Lavigny's Legion, after a highly successful campaign to have independent pilots assist in the construction of new Capital ships, has had its own system of Carthage become the home port of two new Majestic Class Interdictors. The Aisling's Hope and the Cerberus now grace the system of Carthage with all of the majesty that the Imperial...
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Wing info

Multi-lingual omni-platform Imperial (ALD) aligned wing for any type of player. Lavigny's Legion has activities that supports miners, soldiers, explorers, bounty hunters, and more. Operating mainly in the widely-used chat platform Discord, Lavigny's Legion is a well-connected community boasting numerous diplomatic ties, coordinated efforts, and an atmosphere ranging from casual to professional.

Name: Lavigny's Legion
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Arissa Lavigny-Duval
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Extremofire
Members: 319
Ships: 1023
Supporters: 8

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: