About Swords of Imperius

Formed many centuries ago, the Swords of Imperius started life as an extremist, militant branch of devoted Empire followers that took it upon themselves to do whatever was necessary to protect the great Imperial establishment from the savage police state that is the federation. Throughout the First War, the Swords established themselves as a formidable and ruthless faction of pilots and began to earn themselves a reputation across civilisation.

Although their loyalty to the Emperor is unquestionable, the Swords were a very vocal opponent of the armistice and uneasy peace treaty that was signed after the Federation failed to take Achenar in their invasion. The Swords began to operate under their own accord and began to take extreme actions against any pilots in Imperial space that would not swear fealty to the Empire. Over time, their operations moved from interdictions in Imperial space, to openly murdering and pirating pilots whom they deemed enemies of the Empire in Federal space.

Concerned by the actions of the group, and in a rare joint statement with the President of the Federation, the Emperor “officially” denounced the Swords of Imperius as an enemy of the Empire, a threat to peace and order and declared them outlaws and terrorists. However, political allies of the Swords managed to offer a few well placed bribes here and there, which allowed the group to quietly disband and allowed to live peacefully within the Empire.

In the early 3300s, a number of Imperial aligned pilots, illegally enslaved by various security forces across civilisation decided enough was enough. Confined for years behind the walls of bureaucrats and servitude, these Commanders, once a force for good, banded together and rebelled against their masters, promising vengeance to all those that crossed them. The then unnamed wing worked hard to ensure they gained a fearsome and ruthless reputation working with various criminal organisations to fulfill their promises.

During their many raids, the group’s leaders came across some old empire intelligence records which detailed the history of the Swords of Imperius and so, having yet to decide on a faction name, the group adopted the historic moniker vowing to serve the Empire in any way they could.

The service to the empire was shortlived however, as during an expedition to the Pleiades Nebula following the Federal raid of an Empire research facility, the newly formed Swords came across an ancient probe of some sort around an Ammonia World.  When scanning the device, the probe released a massive wave of energy which the pilots believed to have shown them the past, the present and the future.  

Awestruck by what they saw, the group took the probe for themselves in the hope of it enlightening them further - ultimately became indoctrinated by its mysterious power. They began believing it to be some omnipotent being named Jebb and started to worship it. Not long afterwards, a mishap resulted in the probes destruction - taking this as an aggressive act, the Swords of Imperius took the Vow of Jebb and pledged to purge the galaxy of the non-believers and wreak vengeance on all those that crossed them.

The Vow of Jebb

“Our Lord and Saviour, his most noble Worship, Jebb.

On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons, we swear to uphold the law of Jebb to our dying breath, obeying his every command with the promise of eternal enlightenment.

Those deemed unworthy of his audience are worth not of pity, mercy or compassion, they will be freed from the shackles of their insignificant lives.

The Followers of Jebb will march forth to their glorious Salvation purging the galaxy of the Heretics, Liars and Blasphemers

We kneel not for anyone but his most divine Worship.

And all will bend the knee.

With this sacrament of blood, we journey to the divine beyond.

We are the Swords of Imperius, the soldiers, protectors and followers of his most noble Jebb.”

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Name: Swords of Imperius
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: English

Wing commander: supersteve SOI
Members: 9
Ships: 46
Supporters: 1

Average combat rank: Master
Average trade rank: Tycoon
Average exploration rank: Pathfinder