About The Bliss Consortium

We are the Bliss Consotrium. We strive for making a perfect society, free from violence and hunger. We reject the war between the superpowers, we support unity between cultures and races. We fight for freedom, justice, and success!  

We are a merger of factions throughout space, forming a powerful union of states. The Bliss Consortium acts as out capital and primarily represents our interests.

Our official headquarters and capital and base is Worlidge Hub station in Exphiay. However the member states, commanders, and allies convene at Baker Terminal, Tau Ophiuchii for unofficial meetings (due to the distance to Exphiay).

Member Factions:

The Bliss Consortium:
We are completely independent and only support other independent, peaceful player factions. The Bliss Consortium is completely self-sufficient. Our 5 system mini-bubble only trades within itself. We are 60ly from any other system. If you plan to pay us a visit, don't forget your fuel scoop. We value allainces and connections very strongly, we have a series of embassies and proxy faction throughout space. We may appear small, however our wing occupies and actively controls large regions of space. This faction serves as the representative and protecting power of all other faction's interests.

We own the all the player minor factions listed below.

If you are in a system with a population, we have a embassy or faction within 100ly of your location. If you are currently in distress, go to one of our stations and we shall offer protection and aid. We even host a diplomatic mission in Colonia, where we have multiple accounts and resource reserves ready for anyone's emergency.

Capital: Worlidge Hub, Exphiay
Premier: Cmdr Aaron Wineberg
Speaker: Cmdr Kstansa
Council Members:

Zazz Razzmatazz


The Guild
The Guild is a small, secluded faction and member state which is used for exploration operations and as a backup HQ for The Consortium. We always have accounts stationed in HIP 74290 along with emergency military supplies in the unlikely event of a crisis elsewhere.

Capital: Pratchett's Disc, HIP 74290
Premier: Cmdr Kstansa
Chief General of the Fleet: Cmdr Zazz Razzmatazz /  highest ranking cmdr in system

KW Corporation
The Bliss Consortium also operates the proxy faction KW Corporation in the system Stopover, which serves as our official embassy to the Federation and as a popular leisure destination among commanders. Most commanders from The Bliss Consortium originated from Stopover in a merged wing called KW Corporation.

Capital: Darkwater Station, Stopover
Premier: Cmdr Zazz Razzmatazz
Chief Executive Officer: Cmdr Aaron Wineberg

Freedom Party of Heheng
The Bliss Consortium's Alliance embassy and member state Freedom Party of Heheng. A small system with deep Alliance ties.

Capital: Clark Enterprise, Heheng
Premier: Cmdr Oken-Ja

Change Vision Limited
The Bliss Consortium's Imperial embassy and member state Chuang Vision Limited. Chuang is one of the closest systems to Exphiay, making it a convenient way for The Bliss Consortium to assist the Empire.

Capital: Robert Orbital, Chuang
Premier: Cmdr Roland Taverner

Tau Ophiuchii Incorporated
The Bliss Consortium's embassy to Yuri Grom is maintained and operated by the minor faction and member state Tau Ophiuchii Incorporated. The administrative capital of The Consortium is located here.

Capital: Baker Terminal, Tau Ophiuchii
Premier: Cmdr Brikkabrakk

South Haven
A minor faction currently under construction and is temporarily part of The Bliss Consortium.

Chancellor: Cmdr Kstansa
President: Cmdr York20

Wineberg's Legacy
A honorary minor faction and member state dedicated to Cmdr Aaron Wineberg, and his tireless efforts to bringing peace to the galaxy. The system is operated by Wineberg's Legacy.

Capital: MacCurdy City, LTT 4772
Sovereign and Chief Visionary: Cmdr Aaron Wineberg

LTT 4772 Alliance Mandate
The Bliss Consortium's secondary Alliance territory/member state and our Consulate General to Alioth. Our emergency military reserves are stationed throughout our controlled systems. Norton Port and Foda Hub serve as our staging grounds for expansion and colonization. We manage the various territories under the minor faction LTT 4772 Alliance Mandate.

Capital: Norton Port, LTT 4772
Prime Minister: Cmdr Kstansa
Chief Executive Officer: Cmdr Brikkabrakk

The Bliss Consortium maintains minimal presence on INARA.cz. If you would like to contact us, please join our Discord with code: rrUCdP6

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Aaron WinebergEliteAnaconda---------
Oken-JaDealerViper Mk IV
Roland TavernerBrokerAsp Explorer---------
York20EliteFederal Corvette---------
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