About The 9th Legion

The 9th Legion is an Imperial Special Operations Unit, operating in the service of Her Imperial Majesty Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Defender of The Empire of Achenar.

The legion is based in Leopold Heckmann Ring, Malaikudi (alongside other classified forward operating bases) and is under the command of the Imperial Navy, Special Operations Directorate. The 9th Legion lore is located here.

The primary objective of the legion is to further the interests of the Empire while defending the realm of Imperial space from Federal, Alliance and Independent incursions. Our squadrons will be deployed either in open combat or, where the mission dictates, in black operations scenarios.

Operating Procedures
1. Real life comes first.
2. Play as you want - it's your game!
3. As befits an Imperial faction, honour is vital. We try to play in the right way.
4. We do not grief innocent members of the Pilots Federation. We won't prey on the weak.
5. We won't start the fight, but we won't shy away from finishing it!

1st Imperial Dragoons -  Multi-role Xbox Force
2nd Imperial Dragoons - Multi-role PC Force
3rd Imperial Dragoons - Multi-role Playstation Force
Imperial Dragoon Guards - PowerPlay Combat and Undermining
Imperial Hussars - PowerPlay Logistics
Emperor's Life Guards - BGS Bask Force and Realm Defence
Imperial Expeditionary Force - Operations in Colonia and Uninhabited Regions

(Squadrons aren't restricted to just their primary objective, once tasks are completed everybody is free to do anything they like).

If you are interested in joining the legion, please make an application here on Inara and then join our Discord, requesting the attention of an officer in #security-gateway.
Membership of our Discord is mandatory for all Legionnaires and Prospects as this is the best place for communication inside the legion.

All hail the Emperor! Bask in Her Glory!

Pro Gloria Imperi!

Command room

17 May 2017, 7:10pm
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18 May 2017, 10:11pm
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19 May 2017, 7:18am
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05 Jun 2017, 11:41pm
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General discussion

23 Jul 2017, 9:59pm
LordSetesh wrote:
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yesterday, 1:13am
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yesterday, 5:43pm
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yesterday, 6:14pm
Vevvev wrote:
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today, 12:04am
Squillion wrote:
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