About House of Firefly

Welcome to the House of Firefly wing page. We are a group of players who play on Xbox one. Playing the game and getting fully emerged into the story is one of our big goals. All play styles are welcome, and the more the better. We are a young wing, but we love to help others out.

To Protect Our Own
We hunt for the Bounties and we fight for the joy. We have a great group of Commanders that love this game. Within the group itself we try and have as many different playing styles other than just fighting. Having commanders that love the fighting in the main and CQC, the trading and smuggling, and even the ones that like to explore and find the dark reaches of space. If any of this sounds fun to you, then apply for the House and come have some fun. We will help as best as we can, but don’t be surprised if you see us dueling from time to time.

House creed
To be the guiding light in the dark reaches of space. We are the light of the Empire that works in the dark. To protect and serve our own and to serve the Empire our home. Some will fall but we will shine in dark times and rise to the standing to win. Born from war and raised from the fire of the empire. Paying our way with blood of our loved ones and those of our friends. We wonder the vast expanse of space to call it our home, the home of the Empire. A house not willing to fall, but willing to shine. By right we fight by right we win by right we lead by right we stand

Command room

20 Jan 2017, 6:17pm
Outlawflanked wrote:
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21 Mar 2017, 5:08am
HolySpaceOtter wrote:
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19 Apr 2017, 5:03am
Will4555268 wrote:
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19 Apr 2017, 8:05pm
Outlawflanked wrote:
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General discussion

19 Apr 2017, 5:31am
Outlawflanked wrote:
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28 Apr 2017, 8:56pm
Outlawflanked wrote:
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01 May 2017, 7:17am
Outlawflanked wrote:
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29 May 2017, 11:27pm
Outlawflanked wrote:
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07 Jun 2017, 5:15am
Will4555268 wrote:
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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Will4555268EliteImperial Cutter
CaptainkappEliteImperial Cutter
Lil Tyler KiefyTycoonFederal Corvette
XRedp4ndaEliteFederal Corvette
SniperGT 308HarmlessBeluga Liner---------
Capt PetrusEntrepreneurAnaconda---------
Cloudnine67EliteFederal Corvette
CMDR Kman45EntrepreneurAnaconda
HAZMAT DJ 740PathfinderAnaconda---------
Yetikis MaximusMerchantVulture
Lim3 Lim3DangerousAnaconda---------
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Wing info

Name: House of Firefly
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Arissa Lavigny-Duval
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: ---

Wing commander: Will4555268
Members: 21
Ships: 72
Supporters: 3

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: